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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Your HTC Desire C

Your HTC Desire CUser guide

Page 2 - Contents

Replacing the back coverYour phone’s antennas are placed underneath the back cover. To get the bestsignal for calls, data connection, and GPS navigati

Page 3 - Search and Web browser

Travel and mapsLocation settingsTurning on location servicesIn order to find your location on HTC Desire C, you need to enable location sources.1. Sli

Page 4 - 4 Contents

Searching for a locationIn Google Maps, you can search for a location, such as an address or a type ofbusiness or establishment (for example, museums)

Page 5 - 5 Contents

Searching for a place of interest near youUse Places to find places of interest near your current location. Places uses GoogleMaps to search common pl

Page 6

Finding your friends with Google Latitude (available by country)Google Latitude® user location service lets you and your friends share locations andst

Page 7

Essential appsUsing the ClockAbout the HTC Clock widgetUse the HTC Clock widget to see your current date, time, and location. You can alsouse the Cloc

Page 8 - Unboxing

World Clock settingsSetting your home city1. On the World Clock tab, tap > Home settings.2. Enter your home city’s name.3. Scroll through the lis

Page 9 - Back cover

Checking WeatherUse the Weather app and widget to check the current weather and weather forecastsfor the next few days. In addition to your current lo

Page 10 - Removing the battery

Working on documentsUse Polaris Office to edit Microsoft Office Word (.doc and .docx), Microsoft OfficeExcel (.xls and .xlsx), Microsoft Office PowerP

Page 11 - SIM card

3. Do any of the following:§ To add another slide, tap and then choose a layout.§ To edit text, tap a text box on the presentation twice.§ To resize

Page 12

Linking a task to a contactHelping friends out on a project or event? Link a task to a contact in the People appso that when your friend calls, the ta

Page 13 - Switching the power on or off

SIM cardThe SIM card contains your phone number, service details, and memory for storingphonebook contacts and/or text messages.Inserting the SIM card

Page 14 - Searching Show Me

Managing tasks1. Go to the list that contains the task.2. In the list of tasks, you can:Mark a taskcompleteTap the check buttons next to the task. To

Page 15

Managing task lists1. In the Tasks app, tap > Lists.2. From here, you can:Show or hidetasks or listsTo show all tasks, tap All lists. Tap a speci

Page 16

Google Play and other appsGetting apps from Google PlayGoogle Play is the place to go to find new apps for HTC Desire C. Choose from a widevariety of

Page 17 - Sleep mode

Uninstalling an appYou can uninstall an app for a refund within a limited time after your purchase. Toknow more about the refund policy for paid apps,

Page 18

Sharing a video link1. On the video’s watch screen, tap .2. Choose how you want to share the video link from the available options.Capturing and shar

Page 19 - Making your first call

Sharing games and appsHaving fun with a game or app that you found from Google Play? Share your favoritegames and apps instantly with your circle of f

Page 20 - Copying and sharing text

Your phone and computerWhere apps, data, and files are storedHTC Desire C uses these storage types:Apps anddatastorageApps are installed to this stora

Page 21 - Notifications

HTC SyncManagerSelect this option to sync media and your data such as contacts,calendar, bookmarks, and other information between your computerand HTC

Page 22 - Getting to know your settings

Installing HTC Sync ManagerBefore you install, please visit our HTC website to check the system requirements forHTC Sync Manager.Installing on a Windo

Page 23 - Checking for updates manually

The HTC Sync Manager main screenFrom the main screen, you can see your media libraries and play your media. You canalso sync with HTC Desire C when it

Page 24

Storage cardUse a storage card to store your photos, videos, and music.Inserting the storage card1. Take the back cover off.2. Insert the microSD™ car

Page 25 - Personalizing

Adding new media to your library automaticallyYou can set HTC Sync Manager to automatically add media to your library wheneverthere are new music, pho

Page 26 - Changing your wallpaper

What file formats are supported by HTC Sync Manager?Video formats and codecs § 3GP and 3G2 (3rd Generation Partnership Project)§ MP4 (MPEG-4)Audio for

Page 27 - Applying a new skin

3. Enter a playlist name, and then click OK.4. To add more songs to the playlist, hold down the CTRL key while clicking one ormore albums or music tra

Page 28 - Home screen

3. Click . A screen then opens, showing a thumbnail strip of all your selectedphotos.4. On the thumbnail strip, click the first photo, and then choos

Page 29 - Personalizing the launch bar

Syncing musicYou can set up HTC Sync Manager to sync music files and playlists between HTCDesire C and your computer.1. On the Synchronize Settings sc

Page 30 - Grouping apps into a folder

4. To choose folders on your computer that contain documents you want to syncwith HTC Desire C, select Sync PC documents from directory, and then clic

Page 31 - Personalizing with sound sets

Syncing your web bookmarks1. Open your web browser on your computer, create a favorites folder named HTCbookmarks. Make sure to save your favorite boo

Page 32 - Rearranging application tabs

Syncing HTC Desire C and your computer§ Before you start syncing, check and make sure HTC Desire C is connected to yourcomputer and is recognized by H

Page 33

Sharing your mobile data connection byUSB tetheringNo Internet connection available for your computer? No problem. Use the dataconnection of HTC Desir

Page 34 - Receiving calls

Internet connectionsData connectionWhen you turn on HTC Desire C for the first time, it will be automatically set up to useyour mobile operator's

Page 35 - Look who's calling

Charging the batteryBefore you turn on and start using HTC Desire C, it is recommended that you chargethe battery.§ The battery is already installed i

Page 36 - What can I do during a call?

Enabling data roamingConnect to your mobile operator’s partner networks and access data services whenyou’re out of your mobile operator’s coverage are

Page 37 - Internet calls

Disconnecting from the current wireless network1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap .2. Tap Wi-Fi.3. You can:§ Tap the wireless networ

Page 38 - Call history

Adding a VPN connectionYou must first set a lock screen PIN or password before you can use credentialstorage and set up the VPN.1. Slide the Notificat

Page 39 - Home dialing

3. Tap Portable hotspot & tethering.4. Tap Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.5. Enter a router name or use the default router name.6. Choose the typ

Page 40

BluetoothBluetooth basicsTurning Bluetooth on or off1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap .2. Tap the Bluetooth On/Off switch to turn i

Page 41

5. When you see the name of your headset in the Available devices section, tapthe name.6. HTC Desire C automatically tries to pair with the headset.7.

Page 42 - Creating a slideshow

Unpairing from a Bluetooth device1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap .2. If Bluetooth is off, tap the Bluetooth On/Off switch to turn

Page 43 - Checking your messages

Where sent information is savedWhen you send information using Bluetooth, the location where it's saved depends onthe type of information and the

Page 44 - Forwarding a message

8. When HTC Desire C receives a file transfer request notification, slide theNotifications panel down, tap the incoming file notification, and then ta

Page 45 - WAP push messages

Settings and securityTurning Airplane mode on or offIn many countries, you are required by law to turn off wireless devices while on boardan aircraft.

Page 46 - Backing up your text messages

Switching the power off1. If the display is off, press the POWER button to turn it back on, then unlock thescreen.2. Press and hold the POWER button f

Page 47 - Setting message options

Turning automatic screen rotation offAutomatic rotation is not supported in all applications.1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap .2.

Page 48

Playing a sound when selecting onscreen items1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap .2. Tap Sound.3. Select or clear the Touch sounds op

Page 49 - Private browsing

More ways to extend battery lifeSwitching to GSM network modeSwitch to using GSM network if you’re not using a data connection to connect to theIntern

Page 50

Protecting your SIM card with a PINAdd another layer of security for HTC Desire C by assigning a PIN (personalidentification number) to your SIM.Make

Page 51 - Viewing your browsing history

Forgot your screen lock pattern?If you’ve forgotten your screen lock pattern, you have up to five attempts totry and unlock HTC Desire C.If this fails

Page 52 - Downloading files and apps

6. Tap Next.7. Tap Encrypt.Encryption starts and the progress is displayed. The phone may restart a few times.When the encryption process is complete,

Page 53 - Setting browser options

6. On the Mail & message storage screen:§ Set fewer days of mails to download so that older mails will be removedfrom the storage automatically.§

Page 54 - Camera basics

Other essentialsStatus iconsSignal strength Battery is chargingGPRS connected Battery is low (20% remaining)GPRS in useBattery is very low (8% or less

Page 55 - Improving portrait shots

Data synchronizing Alarm is setBattery is fullUsing the onscreen keyboardWhen you start an app or select a field that requires text or numbers, the on

Page 56 - Shooting in low light

Choosing multiple keyboard languagesIf multiple keyboard languages are available on HTC Desire C, you can choose whichlanguages to enable in the onscr

Page 57 - Photos, videos, and music

Your first week with yournew phoneFeatures you'll enjoy on HTC Desire CHTC Desire C gives you a fun camera, great sound experience, and more.Shoo

Page 58 - Watching a video

Setting a second language for predictive textYou can set the predictive text to be bilingual. As you type, you’ll get wordsuggestions in the languages

Page 59 - 59 Photos, videos, and music

Entering text by speakingNo time to type? Try speaking the words to enter them.Since HTC Desire C uses Google’s speech-recognition service, you need t

Page 60 - 60 Photos, videos, and music

Resetting HTC Desire CIf you’re passing HTC Desire C on to someone else or HTC Desire C has a persistentproblem that cannot be solved, you can perform

Page 61

Trademarks and copyrights©2012 HTC Corporation. All Rights Reserved.HTC, the HTC logo, the HTC quietly brilliant logo, HTC Desire, Friend Stream, and

Page 62 - 62 Photos, videos, and music

IndexAAirplane mode 139Alarm 105Android MarketSee Google PlayApps- deleting 113- icons 28- installing 112- sharing 115Auto sync 69BBackup- cont

Page 63

Downloading- viewing downloads 52Dropbox 93EExchange ActiveSync- Out of office 86- sending a meeting request 86- working with Exchange ActiveSynce

Page 64 - Creating a playlist

- unified inbox 83- working with Exchange ActiveSyncemail 86Making a call 33Managing memory 145MarketSee Google PlayMaster resetSee Factory resetM

Page 65 - 65 Photos, videos, and music

Ringtone- setting 66- trimming 66RouterSee Wireless routerSScenes 25Screen- adjusting screen brightness 139- changing the time before the screentu

Page 66

Wi-Fi- calling 38- connecting to another network 131- disconnecting from network 131- turning on 130Widgets- adding 27- changing settings 28- re

Page 67 - Sharing music using Bluetooth

Home screenYour Home screen is where you make HTC Desire C your own. You can add yourfavorite applications, shortcuts, folders and widgets so they’re

Page 68 - Accounts and sync

Sleep modeSleep mode saves battery power by putting HTC Desire C into a low power statewhile the display is off. It also stops accidental button press

Page 69 - Managing your online accounts

Opening an app or folder from the lock screen§ On the lock screen, drag an app or folder icon to the ring to unlock the screenand directly go to the a

Page 70 - Your contacts list

3. Choose your old phone's name and model.4. On your old phone, turn Bluetooth on, set it to discoverable mode, and thenfollow the instructions o

Page 71 - Setting up your profile

ContentsUnboxingHTC Desire C 8Back cover 9Removing the battery 10SIM card 11Storage card 12Charging the battery 13Switching the power on or off 13Sett

Page 72 - Importing or copying contacts

Copying and sharing textIn apps such as the web browser and Mail, you can select and copy text, and thenpaste or share it.Selecting text1. Press and h

Page 73 - Merging contact information

Capturing the HTC Desire C screenWant to show off your high game score, write a blog post about HTC Desire Cfeatures, or post a status update on Faceb

Page 74 - Contact groups

Notifications panelWhen you get a new notification, you can open the Notifications panel to see whatevent notification or new information you've

Page 75 - Deleting groups

Getting the battery to last longerHow long the battery can last before it needs recharging depends on how you useHTC Desire C. The features and access

Page 76 - Sending contact information

Syncing your media and data with HTC SyncManagerWith HTC Sync Manager, enjoy the same rich media whether you're at your computeror on the move. U

Page 77 - Restoring contacts

PersonalizingMaking HTC Desire C truly yoursMake HTC Desire C look and sound just the way you want it. Personalize it with adifferent wallpaper, skin,

Page 78 - About Friend Stream

4. Enter a new scene name, and then tap Done.5. Personalize the scene by adding widgets and apps, changing the wallpaper, andmore. All of your changes

Page 79 - Checking in to a place

Applying a new skinPersonalize beyond the Home screen by applying a new skin. Skins give a differentlook and feel to most onscreen buttons, applicatio

Page 80 - Using Google+

Changing the settings of a widgetYou can modify basic settings of some widgets (for example, the People and Mailwidgets) from the Home screen.1. Press

Page 81 - Viewing your Gmail Inbox

Rearranging or removing widgets and icons onyour Home screenMoving a widget or icon1. Press and hold the widget or icon you want to move.2. Drag the w

Page 82

Rearranging application tabs 32Phone callsMaking a call with Smart dial 33Using Speed dial 33Calling a phone number in a text message 34Calling a phon

Page 83 - Checking your Mail inbox

Grouping apps into a folderUse folders to group apps on the launch bar or your Home screen to free up space soyou can add more apps.1. Press and hold

Page 84 - Sending an email message

Personalizing with sound setsEach sound set gives you a different combination of sounds for your ringtone andnotifications such as incoming messages,

Page 85 - 85 Email

Rearranging application tabsYou can rearrange the tabs at the bottom of some apps to prioritize the types ofinformation you frequently use. You can al

Page 86

Phone callsMaking a call with Smart dialYou can either dial a number directly, or use Smart dial to quickly place a call. Smartdial searches and calls

Page 87 - Syncing email less frequently

Calling a phone number in a text message1. Tap the phone number within the message.2. Tap Call. To call the message sender, tap the received message,

Page 88 - 5. Press

Rejecting a callDo one of the following:§ If the display is locked when you get a call, drag to the Lock screen ring. Thendrag to the ring the Remin

Page 89 - Calendar

What can I do during a call?When a call is in progress, you can turn the speakerphone on, place the call on hold,and more.Putting a call on holdTo put

Page 90 - Managing Calendar events

Muting the microphone during a callOn the call screen, tap to toggle between turning the microphone on or off. Whenthe microphone is turned off, the

Page 91 - Sharing an event

Adding an Internet calling account1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap > Call.2. Under Internet call settings, tap Accounts.3. Tap

Page 92 - Changing Calendar settings

Checking calls in the Call History1. On the Home screen, tap .2. Tap > Call History.3. On the Call History screen, you can:§ Tap a name or numbe

Page 93 - Online storage and services

Photos, videos, and musicGallery 57Music 63Accounts and syncAdding your social networks, email accounts, and more 68Adding one or more Google Accounts

Page 94

Turning off Home dialingIf you prefer to manually enter complete phone numbers to call while roaming, youcan turn off Home dialing.1. Slide the Notifi

Page 95

MessagesAbout the Messages appKeep in touch with important people in your life. Use the Messages app to composeand send text and multimedia messages.

Page 96

3. Enter a contact name, mobile number, or email address in the To field. Sending the message to a group of friends? Tap , and then select the contac

Page 97 - SkyDrive

Resuming a draft message1. On the All messages screen, tap > Drafts.2. Tap the message and then resume editing it.3. Tap Send.Checking your messa

Page 98

Replying to a message1. On the All messages screen, tap a contact (or phone number) to display theexchange of messages with that contact.2. Tap the bo

Page 99

WAP push messagesWAP push messages contain a web link. Often, the link will be to download a file thatyou have requested from a service provider.When

Page 100 - Travel and maps

3. If the message is locked, tap Unlock message on the options menu, and then tapthe message to display the options menu again.4. Tap Delete message,

Page 101 - Searching for a location

Backing up text messages via mailYou need to set up your email account in Mail.1. On the All messages screen, tap > Back up SMS.2. Tap Back up SM

Page 102 - Getting directions

Search and Web browserSearching HTC Desire C and the WebYou can search for information on HTC Desire C and on the Web by using Search.Some apps, such

Page 103 - Getting help

Switching to Reading modeWant to read an article or blog without distractions? Reading mode removes menus,banners, and backgrounds from a webpage.Whil

Page 104 - Essential apps

Travel and mapsLocation settings 100Google Maps 100Essential appsUsing the Clock 104Checking Weather 106Working on documents 107Completing tasks 108Go

Page 105 - Setting an alarm

Adding and managing your bookmarksBookmarking a webpageBookmark a webpage in a normal browser screen (not when you're using anincognito tab).1. W

Page 106 - Checking Weather

Syncing your bookmarks with Google ChromeCreate bookmarks from your computer's Google Chrome browser and sync them onHTC Desire C. For more infor

Page 107 - Working on documents

Clearing your browsing history1. While viewing a webpage, tap > History.2. On the History tab, tap > Clear all.Viewing a page that you often

Page 108 - Completing tasks

Setting browser optionsCustomize the web browser to suit your browsing style. Set display, privacy, andsecurity options when using the web browser.Fro

Page 109 - Linking a task to a location

CameraCamera basicsCapture photos instantly, with no delay. Just directly launch the camera from the lockscreen, even if HTC Desire C is password prot

Page 110 - Creating a task list

Setting the resolution1. On the Viewfinder screen, tap .2. Tap Image resolution or Video quality, and then choose a resolution.Taking a photo1. Open

Page 111 - Changing Tasks settings

Shooting in low lightCapture stunning images even in dim light.1. On the Viewfinder screen, tap .2. Tap Low light.3. When you're ready to take t

Page 112 - Google Play and other apps

Photos, videos, and musicGalleryAbout the Gallery appReminisce on good times. Use Gallery to view all your photos and videos that are onHTC Desire C o

Page 113 - Watching videos on YouTube

Watching a video1. Tap a video album and then tap a video.2. Tap the onscreen controls to control the video playback, adjust the volume,capture an ima

Page 114 - Recording voice clips

Adding photo effects1. On the Gallery app’s Albums screen, tap an album.2. Press and hold on a photo, and then tap Edit > Effects.3. Tap an effect

Page 115 - Sharing games and apps

More ways to extend battery life 142Backing up settings to Google 142Accessibility settings 142Protecting your SIM card with a PIN 143Protecting HTC D

Page 116 - Your phone and computer

3. Drag the two trim sliders to the part where you want the video to begin andend. As you drag a slider, you'll see time markers and video frames

Page 117 - HTC Sync Manager basics

4. Select the photos or videos you want to share and then tap Next.5. Compose your message and then tap (Gmail) or Send (Mail).If you selected Mail

Page 118 - Getting started

5. Select which album to upload to and set privacy settings for the uploadedphotos or videos. Tap Add tag and description to enter a caption on each p

Page 119 - 119 Your phone and computer

Sharing videos on YouTubeUpload your videos to YouTube and become an instant sensation.1. From the Home screen, tap > Gallery.2. Tap a video albu

Page 120 - 120 Your phone and computer

Finding music videos on YouTubeIt's easy to find music videos of the song you’re listening to on YouTube. On the Nowplaying screen, tap > Se

Page 121

3. Tap > Add to playlist. If there are no existing playlists, you will be prompted to enter a new playlist name.4. On the Select playlist screen,

Page 122 - Editing your photos

Deleting playlists1. From the Home screen, tap > Music > My phone.2. Tap > Playlists.3. You can:§ Press and hold the playlist you want to

Page 123 - HTC Desire C

Sharing music using BluetoothChoose a song from the Music app’s library and use Bluetooth to send it to anotherdevice or your computer.1. From the Hom

Page 124 - Syncing photos and videos

Accounts and syncAdding your social networks, email accounts,and more1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap > Accounts & sync.2.

Page 125 - Syncing your calendar events

Managing your online accountsSyncing all your accounts automatically1. Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap > Accounts & sync.2.

Page 126 - Syncing your web bookmarks

Conventions used in this guideIn this user guide, we use the following symbols to indicate useful and importantinformation:This is a note. A note ofte

Page 127 - 127 Your phone and computer

PeopleAbout the People appWith the People app, easily manage your communications with your contacts viaphone, messaging, email, and social networks.An

Page 128

Filtering your contacts listChoose which account contacts to show.1. On the People tab, tap on the top bar.2. Choose the online accounts that contai

Page 129 - Internet connections

Adding a new contact1. On the People tab, tap .2. Tap the Name field, and then enter the contact name. Tap if you want to separately enter the cont

Page 130 - Enabling data roaming

Importing a contact from an Exchange ActiveSync account1. On the People tab, enter the contact's name or email address in the search box.2. Tap S

Page 131 - 131 Internet connections

DetailsShows the information you've stored for the contact. Get in touch with thecontact by tapping an option.ThreadShows SMS messages and emails

Page 132

4. Tap > Add contact to group.5. Select the contacts you want to add, and then tap Save.6. When your group is complete, tap Save.Editing a contac

Page 133 - 133 Internet connections

Adding People widgetsStay close with the people that matter by adding a people widget for each of yourgroups.1. Press and hold on an empty space on yo

Page 134

Sending multiple contact cards1. On the People tab, tap > Send contacts.2. Select the contacts whose contact information you want to share3. Tap

Page 135 - 135 Bluetooth

SocialFacebook for HTC SenseSigning in to your Facebook account from the Accounts & sync settings or theFacebook app (preinstalled or downloaded)

Page 136

3. If you do not want to send the status update to all your social networkaccounts, tap , and then clear the social networks to exclude.4. Tap Done.5

Page 137 - 137 Bluetooth

UnboxingHTC Desire C1. BACK2. HOME3. RECENT APPS4. VOLUME5. Proximity sensor6. POWER7. 3.5mm headset jack8. USB connector§ If you want to use a screen

Page 138

Chatting in Google TalkGoogle Talk is Google’s instant messaging program. It lets you communicate withother people that also use Google Talk.To open G

Page 139 - Settings and security

EmailGmailViewing your Gmail InboxAll your received email messages are delivered to your Inbox.From the Home screen, tap > Gmail. Archive, delete

Page 140 - Changing sound settings

3. Do one of the following:§ If you're replying to the sender or you selected Reply all, enter your replymessage.§ If you selected Forward, speci

Page 141 - Changing the display language

3. Enter the Exchange ActiveSync account details, and then tap Next. If your corporate Exchange Server does not support auto-detect, you’ll need toent

Page 142 - Accessibility settings

3. Press and hold a tab, and then drag it to the bottom row to add.4. Press and then slide to the added tab.Manually refreshing an email accountWhat

Page 143 - 143 Settings and security

Reading and replying to an email message1. From the Home screen, tap > Mail.2. Switch to the email account you want to use.3. In the email accoun

Page 144

Searching email messages1. Tap .2. If you want to refine or filter your search, tap , check the search options, andthen tap OK. For example, you can

Page 145 - Managing memory

3. Enter the meeting details.4. Tap Save.Managing email messagesMoving email messages to another folder1. Switch to the email account you want to use.

Page 146 - 146 Settings and security

4. Tap Off-peak sync > Smart Sync.5. Press .Smart Sync then extends the email synchronization time after each auto sync timepasses and you don&apo

Page 147

CalendarAbout CalendarNever miss an important date again. Use the Calendar app to schedule your events,meetings, and appointments.You can set up HTC D

Page 148 - Using the onscreen keyboard

Back coverRemoving the back cover1. Securely hold HTC Desire C facing down.2. With your finger, pry open the back cover from the small opening near th

Page 149 - 149 Other essentials

Month viewIn month view, you will see markers on days that have events.Do any of the following in month view:§ Tap a day to view the events for that d

Page 150 - 150 Other essentials

Deleting an eventDo any of the following:§ While viewing an event, tap > Delete event.§ In day, agenda or week view, press and hold an event and

Page 151

Setting reminders for your eventsHave an important event that you must remember? Calendar makes it easy to remindyourself of important events.1. While

Page 152 - Resetting HTC Desire C

Online storage and servicesDropboxUsing Dropbox on HTC Desire CWhen you use Dropbox, you'll always have access to your photos, videos, anddocumen

Page 153 - Trademarks and copyrights

Setting up your Dropbox accountTo get your additional 23GB of free Dropbox storage for two years, set up yourDropbox account from HTC Desire C, and co

Page 154 - 154 Index

Viewing your uploaded photos and videos from GalleryThe Camera Uploads folder and subfolders under the Photos folder in your Dropboxcan be accessed fr

Page 155

Keeping your documents in DropboxSaving an Office document to DropboxYou can open an Office document on HTC Desire C and save it to your Dropbox.1. Op

Page 156 - 156 Index

Unlinking HTC Desire C from DropboxYou can remotely unlink HTC Desire C from your Dropbox, if you lost your device.1. On your computer's web brow

Page 157

4. Select one or more photos you want to upload, and then tap Next.5. Select a folder in SkyDrive, and then tap Done.Sending the links to SkyDrive fil

Page 158 - 158 Index

Editing an Office document in SkyDriveUsing Polaris Office, you can view or edit a document that's stored in your SkyDrivestorage.1. From the Hom

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