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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - 1%"


Page 2 - Please Read Before Proceeding

10 Use Windows Mobile Device Center ...555.3 Setting Up

Page 3 - Disclaimers

100  Bluetooth


Chapter 10 Navigating on the Road10.1 Guidelines and Preparation for Using GPS10.2 Downloading Satellite Data via QuickGPS

Page 5

102  Navigating on the Road10.1 Guidelines and Preparation for Using GPSIf you install a GPS software on your device, please follow these guidelines 

Page 6 - General Precautions

Navigating on the Road  10310.2 Downloading Satellite Data via QuickGPSBefore you start using your device for GPS navigation, open the QuickGPS progr

Page 7

104  Navigating on the Road

Page 8 - Contents

Chapter 11 Experiencing Multimedia11.1 Taking Photos and Videos11.2 Viewing Photos and Videos Using Album11.3 Using Windows Media® Player Mobile11

Page 9 - Chapter 4 Entering Text 45

106  Experiencing Multimedia11.1 Taking Photos and VideosUse Camera to take photos and record video clips. You can either use the camera to take phot

Page 10 - Appointments 6

Experiencing Multimedia  107Supported file formatsUsing the available capture modes, the camera in your device captures files in the following formats

Page 11 - Chapter 9 Bluetooth 95

108  Experiencing Multimedia Picture Theme mode9 109  Template Selector icon. In Picture Theme mode, tap to toggle among different templates.10  P

Page 12

Experiencing Multimedia  109ZoomingBefore capturing a photo or a video clip, you can zoom in to make the object in focus move closer, or zoom out to m

Page 13 - Appendix 145

  11Flag your messages ...

Page 14 - Index 155

110  Experiencing MultimediaThe Review screenAfter capturing, the Review screen lets you view, send, or delete the photo or video clip by tapping an i

Page 15 - Chapter 1

Experiencing Multimedia  111Shutter Sound. Choose whether or not you want the camera to make a shutter sound when you press the ENTER button.Shoot Opt

Page 16 - Bottom panel

112  Experiencing MultimediaTemplate (Picture Theme mode). Select a template.Recording Limit (Video mode). Set the maximum duration or file size for r

Page 17 - Accessories

Experiencing Multimedia  113View an imageWhile viewing an image in full screen, tap the screen or press ENTER to open the on-screen menu.Tap to go bac

Page 18 - 1.2 Installing the Battery

114  Experiencing MultimediaTo zoom in or out of an imageWhile viewing an image, make a full circle motion on the screen with your finger.  Slide your

Page 19 - 1.4 Using the Strap Holder

Experiencing Multimedia  115Play back videoWhile playing back video, tap the screen to show the playback controls.  Tap to go back to the beginning of

Page 20 - 1.6 Navigating Your Device

116  Experiencing MultimediaAbout the controlsPlay/PauseFull screenVisit WindowsMedia.comTap and drag to jump to any part of the video or audioSkip to

Page 21 - Navigation Control

Experiencing Multimedia  117To synchronize content manually to your device1. If you have not set up media synchronization between your device and com

Page 22 - 1.8 Status Icons

118  Experiencing MultimediaPlaylistsIn Windows Media® Player Mobile, you can create a new playlist by saving the current Now Playing playlist and giv

Page 23 - Getting Started  23

Experiencing Multimedia  119To delete a custom equalizer preset1. Tap the list box then select the Equalizer preset you want to delete.2. Tap Menu &

Page 24 - 1.10 Quick Menu

12 Chapter 10 Navigating on the Road 10110.1 Guidelines and Preparation for Using GPS ... 10210.2 Download

Page 25 - 1.12 Adjusting the Volume

120  Experiencing Multimedia

Page 26

Chapter 12 Programs on your Device12.1 Programs on your Device12.2 Adding and Removing Programs12.3 Adobe® Reader® LE12.4 Calendar12.5 Contacts1

Page 27 - Chapter 2

122  Programs on your Device12.1 Programs on your DeviceThe following are programs you can find on your device or install from the Applications disc.

Page 28 - 2.2 Voice Call

Programs on your Device  123Icon DescriptionOpera Mobile This is the mobile version of the Opera browser. See Chapter 8 for details.Pictures & Vi

Page 29 - Answer a call

124  Programs on your Device12.3 Adobe® Reader® LEAdobe® Reader® LE is an application for viewing PDF (Portable Document Format) documents on your de

Page 30 - Speed Dial

Programs on your Device  1255. When finished, tap OK to return to the calendar.Notes  •   All-day events do not occupy blocks of time in Calendar; in

Page 31 - 2.3 Smart Dial

126  Programs on your Device4. When you have finished adding attendees, tap Done.5. Tap OK to send.Tip  To choose the e-mail account to use for send

Page 32

Programs on your Device  127Organize and search contactsTo group similar contactsFor easier management, you can group similar contacts by assigning th

Page 33 - Chapter 3

128  Programs on your Device12.6 Comm ManagerComm Manager is a central location where you can easily turn on and off the communication features of yo

Page 34 - 3.1 About TouchFLO™ 3D

Programs on your Device  129When working with Word Mobile and Excel Mobile files, you can use the Navigation Control on your device for zooming:   To 

Page 35

  13Organize and search contacts ... 127Share co

Page 36 - To add favorite contacts

130  Programs on your DeviceTo record a voice noteYou can create a stand-alone recording (voice note) or you can add a recording to a note.1. Tap Sta

Page 37 - Messages

Programs on your Device  13112.10 Voice RecorderVoice Recorder lets you record your voice and quickly send it as e-mail attachment, beam it via Bluet

Page 38 - Photos and Videos

132  Programs on your Device12.11 ZIPThe ZIP program increases the storage capacity of your device by allowing you to compress files in the conventio

Page 39 - To play music

Chapter 13 Managing Your Device13.1 Copying and Managing Files13.2 Settings on your Device13.3 Changing Basic Settings13.4 Using Task Manager13.5

Page 40 - To use playlists

134  Managing Your Device13.1 Copying and Managing FilesYou can copy files between your device and computer, or copy files to the internal storage of

Page 41 - Internet

Managing Your Device  13513.2 Settings on Your DeviceYou can adjust the device settings to suit the way you work. To see all available settings, slid

Page 42 - Programs

136  Managing Your DeviceIcon DescriptionPower  Check the remaining battery power. You can also set the brightness of the backlight and timeout for tu

Page 43 - 3.3 Finger Gestures

Managing Your Device  137Regional settingsThe style in which numbers, currency, dates, and times are displayed is specified in regional settings.1. O

Page 44 - 44  TouchFLO™ 3D

138  Managing Your DeviceTips  •   You can use *.wav, *.mid, *.mp3, *.wma, or other types of sound files that you downloaded from the Internet or copi

Page 45 - Chapter 4

Managing Your Device  139To customize plus code dialingYou can customize how phone numbers that begin with a plus “+” sign will be dialed.1. Tap Star

Page 46 - 4.2 Using the Full QWERTY

14 FCC Hearing-Aid Compatibility (HAC) Regulations for Wireless Devices ... 148SAR Information ...

Page 47 - 4.3 Using the Compact QWERTY

140  Managing Your DeviceTo close running programs from the Task Manager1. On the Task Manager screen, tap the Running tab.2. Do one of the followi

Page 48 - 4.4 Using the Phone Keypad

Managing Your Device  14113.6 Managing MemoryTo see how much memory is available for use1. On the Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then ta

Page 49

142  Managing Your DeviceHard resetYou can also perform a hard reset (also known as a full reset). A hard reset should only be performed if a normal r

Page 50 - 4.9 Using Transcriber

Managing Your Device  14313.8 Windows UpdateYou can update Windows Mobile® on your device with the latest updates, security patches or fixes, if thes

Page 51 - To edit text

144  Managing Your Device13.9 Battery Saving TipsHow long your battery power lasts depends on the battery type and how you use your device. Try the f

Page 52 - 52  Entering Text

AppendixA.1 SpecificationsA.2 Regulatory NoticesA.3 Additional Safety Information

Page 53 - Chapter 5

146  AppendixA.1 SpecificationsSystem InformationProcessor Qualcomm® MSM7501A™ 528 MHzMemory – ROM : 256 MB– RAM : 288 MB DDR RAM– Internal storage:

Page 54 - 5.1 About Synchronization

Appendix  147ControlsDevice Control TouchFLO™ 3DTouch-sensitive navigation control with ENTER buttonHOME buttonBACK buttonPhone buttons: TALK/SEND and

Page 55 - Install ActiveSync

148  AppendixIndustry Canada statementThis device complies with RSS-210 of the Industry Canada Rules. Operation is subject to the following two condit

Page 56 - From your device

Appendix  149For information about hearing aids and digital wireless phonesFCC Hearing Aid Compatibility and Volume Control:

Page 57

Chapter 1 Getting Started1.1 Getting to Know Your Touch Phone and Accessories1.2 Installing the Battery1.3 Charging the battery1.4 Using the Stra

Page 58

150  AppendixIC StatementOperation is subject to the following two conditions:1. This device may not cause interference; and2. This device must acce

Page 59 - Chapter 6

Appendix  151RoHS ComplianceThis product is in compliance with Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003, 

Page 60 - 6.2 Text Messages

152  AppendixPACEMAKERSThe Health Industry Manufacturers Association recommends that a minimum separation of six (6”) inches be maintained between a h

Page 61 - Manage text messages

Appendix  153Turn Off Your Device in Dangerous AreasBLASTING AREASTo avoid interfering with blasting operations, turn your device OFF when in a “blast

Page 62 - 6.4 E-mail Setup Wizard

154  AppendixCompletely drain the battery before recharging. It may take one to four days to completely drain.Store the discharged battery in a cool, 

Page 63 - Set up a custom domain e-mail

Index AA2DP  97ActiveSync- about  122- set up  55- synchronize with computer  56- synchronize with Exchange Server  70Add and remove programs  123Ado

Page 64 - 6.5 Using E-mail

156  IndexEE-mail- Internet e-mail account (POP3/IMAP4)  62- mail server settings  63- Mail tab (Home screen)  37- send  64- settings (POP3/IMAP4)  63

Page 65 - View and reply to messages

Index  157Programs tab (Home screen)  42Put call on hold  29QQuickGPS  103, 123Quick menu  24, 139RRecord- voice note  130- voice recording  131Region

Page 66 - Customize e-mail settings

158  IndexUUSB to PC  56, 136VVibrate  23, 25, 30, 138Video capture mode  106Voice call- about  28- answer call  29- end call  30- make call  28Voicem

Page 67

16  Getting Started1.1 Getting to Know Your Touch Phone and AccessoriesTop panel POWERPress to turn off the display temporarily. To turn off  the pow

Page 68 - 68  Exchanging Messages

Getting Started  17Left panel Back panel Right panelVOLUME UPDuring a call or when playing music, press this button to increase the volume.VOLUME DOWN

Page 69 - Chapter 7

18  Getting Started1.2 Installing the BatteryAlways turn off your device before installing or replacing the battery. You also need to remove the back

Page 70 - Start synchronization

Getting Started  191.3 Charging the BatteryNew batteries are shipped partially charged. Before you start using your device, it is recommended that yo

Page 71 - Scheduled synchronization


Page 72 - Flag your messages

20  Getting Started1.5 Starting UpAfter installing and charging the battery, you can now power on and start using your device.Turn your device on and

Page 73 - Out-of-office auto-reply

Getting Started  21SlideSliding on the touch screen also involves dragging with your finger, but you need to press and hold your finger with some pres

Page 74

22  Getting StartedThe following programs allow you to use the Navigation Control for zooming: Album• Opera Mobile•Camera• Word Mobile and Excel Mobil

Page 75 - Chapter 8

Getting Started  23The following are some of the status icons that you may see on the device. 1 2 3 4 5Icons that appear in this areaBattery chargingB

Page 76 - To turn Wi-Fi on and off

24  Getting Started1.9 Start MenuThe Start menu, which can be opened from the top left corner of the screen, gives you access to all the programs and

Page 77

Getting Started  251.11 LED AlertsThe buttons below the touch screen and the exterior edge of the Navigation Control which is an LED ring will light 

Page 78

26  Getting Started1.13 Using your Device as a USB DriveTo easily carry media and other files with you, you can use the internal storage of your devi

Page 79 - 8.3 Using Opera Mobile™

Chapter 2 Using Phone Features2.1 Using the Phone2.2 Voice Call2.3 Smart Dial

Page 80 - Opera Mobile menu

28  Using Phone Features2.1 Using the PhoneLike a standard mobile phone, you can use your device to make, receive, and keep track of calls and send m

Page 81 - 8.4 Using YouTube™

Using Phone Features  29To make an international call1. Tap and hold the number 0 key on the Phone screen until the plus (+) sign appears. The plus (

Page 82 - Watching videos


Page 83 - Bookmarks

30  Using Phone FeaturesTo turn on and off the SpeakerphoneDuring a call, tap  to toggle between turning on or off the speakerphone. The speakerphone

Page 84 - 8.5 Using Windows Live™

Using Phone Features  315. Tap OK.Note  When you assign a new phone number in an occupied speed dial key, the new phone number will replace the exist

Page 85 - Add Windows Live™ contacts

32  Using Phone FeaturesMake a call or send a text message using Smart Dial1. On the Home screen, tap Phone.2. Begin entering the first few numbers 

Page 86

Chapter 3 TouchFLO™ 3D3.1 About TouchFLO™ 3D3.2 Using the TouchFLO 3D Home Screen3.3 Finger Gestures

Page 87

34  TouchFLO™ 3D3.1 About TouchFLO™ 3DTouchFLO™ 3D gives you touch control over your Windows Mobile-powered device. TouchFLO 3D provides the followin

Page 88

TouchFLO™ 3D  35Swipe left across the screen to move to the next tab, and swipe right across the screen to move to the previous tab. HomeThe Home tab 

Page 89

36  TouchFLO™ 3DPeopleOn the People tab, you can add favorite contacts who you most frequently communicate with. This allows you to quickly make calls

Page 90 - To end the modem session

TouchFLO™ 3D  37After selecting a favorite contact, touch the right arrow icon (   ), the phone number or e-mail address shown below the contact pictu

Page 91 - 8.7 Using RSS Hub

38  TouchFLO™ 3DTo browse through received e-mails, swipe up or down on the envelope image or press Navigation up/down.Touch the e-mail on the screen 

Page 92 - View the news summary

TouchFLO™ 3D  39MusicThe Music tab allows you to visually browse through albums and music tracks and play music. The albums and music tracks that you 

Page 93 - To change view options

4 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS FOR POWER SUPPLY UNITUse the correct external power sourceA product should be operated only from the type of power source indicat

Page 94 - 94  Internet

40  TouchFLO™ 3DTo browse and play music in the LibraryThe Library organizes music into categories, such as Now Playing, Artists, Albums, Genres, All

Page 95 - Chapter 9

TouchFLO™ 3D  41InternetOn the Internet tab, you can open Opera Mobile™ to browse the Web and add Web favorites for one-touch access to your favorite 

Page 96 - 9.2 Bluetooth Partnerships

42  TouchFLO™ 3DTo choose download options1. On the Weather tab, touch Menu > Settings. Tip  You can also slide to the Settings tab and then touc

Page 97

TouchFLO™ 3D  433.3 Finger GesturesYou can use finger gestures to scroll, zoom and pan on the touch screen.Finger scrollingFinger scrolling can be us

Page 99 - To print a text file

Chapter 4 Entering Text4.1 Selecting an Input Method4.2 Using the Full QWERTY4.3 Using the Compact QWERTY4.4 Using the Phone Keypad4.5 Using Mul

Page 100 - 100  Bluetooth

46  Entering Text4.1 Selecting an Input MethodWhen you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, the Input Panel icon becomes 

Page 101 - Chapter 10

Entering Text  47To enter text using the Full QWERTY1. Start a program that accepts text input, such as Word Mobile.2. Tap the Input Selector arrow,

Page 102

48  Entering Text4.4 Using the Phone KeypadThe Phone Keypad is a 12-key on-screen keypad that has a layout similar to mobile phone keypads, plus some

Page 103 - Download options

Entering Text  49To add a word to the T9 dictionaryIf the word that you have entered is not found in the dictionary, you can add it to the dictionary.

Page 104 - 104  Navigating on the Road

  5ENVIRONMENT RESTRICTIONSDo not use this product in gas stations, fuel depots, chemical plants or where blasting operations are in progress, or in p

Page 105 - Chapter 11

50  Entering Text4.7 Using Block RecognizerWith Block Recognizer, you use a single stroke to write letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation, which 

Page 106 - Capture modes

Entering Text  51To edit text1. In a program, draw a line from left to right across the text you want to edit.2. After you lift the stylus from the 

Page 107 - Camera controls

52  Entering Text

Page 108 - Menu Panel

Chapter 5 Synchronizing Information With Your Computer5.1 About Synchronization5.2 Setting Up Windows Mobile® Device Center on Windows Vista®5.3 S

Page 109 - To zoom out

54  Synchronizing Information With Your Computer5.1 About SynchronizationYou can take information from your computer wherever you go by synchronizing

Page 110 - Advanced Options

Synchronizing Information With Your Computer  55Use Windows Mobile Device CenterTo open Windows Mobile Device Center, click Start > All Programs &g

Page 111

56  Synchronizing Information With Your Computer5.4 Synchronizing With Your ComputerConnect and synchronize your device with your computer using the 

Page 112 - To open Album

Synchronizing Information With Your Computer  575.5 Synchronizing via BluetoothYou can connect and synchronize your device with the computer using Bl

Page 113 - View an image

58  Synchronizing Information With Your Computer

Page 114 - To zoom in or out of an image

Chapter 6 Exchanging Messages6.1 Messaging6.2 Text Messages6.3 Types of E-mail Accounts6.4 E-mail Setup Wizard6.5 Using E-mail

Page 115 - Close Album

6 To assure optimal phone performance and ensure human exposure to RF energy is within the guidelines set forth in the relevant standards, always use 

Page 116 - About the screens and menus

60  Exchanging Messages6.1 MessagingMessaging is a central location where you will find all types of messaging accounts, which include text messages 

Page 117 - Play media

Exchanging Messages  61From the Contacts screen1. Tap Start > Contacts.2. Tap the contact’s name to open his or her contact card.3. Touch Send t

Page 118 - 11.4 Using Audio Booster

62  Exchanging MessagesTo delete all messages in a thread1. In the Text Messages inbox, select a message thread using the Navigation Up or Down contr

Page 119 - 11.5 Using MP3 Trimmer

Exchanging Messages  634. Enter Your name and the Account display name and then tap Next. Note  If the E-mail Setup wizard was unsuccessful in findi

Page 120 - 120  Experiencing Multimedia

64  Exchanging Messages5. Enter the domain of your e-mail provider and then tap Next.6. The E-mail Setup wizard then tries to find the e-mail provid

Page 121 - Chapter 12

Exchanging Messages  65To add an attachment to a message1. In the message that you are composing, tap Menu > Insert and tap the item you want to a

Page 122 - 12.1 Programs on your Device

66  Exchanging Messages To reply to or forward a message1. Open the message and tap Menu > Reply, Menu > Reply All, or Menu > Forward.2. En

Page 123 - To uninstall a program

Exchanging Messages  67To automatically receive attachments on IMAP4 e-mails1. Tap Menu > Options on the Account Picker screen, or tap Menu > T

Page 124 - 12.4 Calendar

68  Exchanging Messages

Page 125 - Send appointments

Chapter 7 Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments7.1 Synchronizing with the Exchange Server7.2 Working With Company E-mails7.3 Manag

Page 126 - 12.5 Contacts

  7• Avoid pushing objects into product Never push objects of any kind into cabinet slots or other openings in the product. Slots and openings are pr

Page 127 - Share contact information

70  Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments7.1 Synchronizing with the Exchange ServerTo keep up-to-date with your company e-mails and m

Page 128 - 12.6 Comm Manager

Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments  717.2 Working With Company E-mailsYour device gives you instant access to your company e-mails

Page 129 - 12.8 Notes

72  Working With Company E-mails and Meeting AppointmentsNotes  •   For information about changing e-mail sync options such as setting the download si

Page 130 - 12.9 Tasks

Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments  73Out-of-office auto-replyOutlook Mobile allows you to retrieve and change your out-of-office s

Page 131 - 12.10 Voice Recorder

74  Working With Company E-mails and Meeting AppointmentsNote  To see the icon indicators in the attendees list, make sure Calendar is synchronized wi

Page 132 - 12.11 ZIP

Chapter 8 Internet8.1 Ways of Connecting to the Internet8.2 Starting a Data Connection8.3 Using Opera Mobile™8.4 Using YouTube™8.5 Using Windows

Page 133 - Chapter 13

76  Internet8.1 Ways of Connecting to the InternetYour device’s networking capabilities allow you to access the Internet or your corporate network at

Page 134

Internet  77To check wireless network statusYou can check the current wireless connection status from any of the following screens of your device:Titl

Page 135 - 13.2 Settings on Your Device

78  InternetDial-upYour device’s networking capability allows you to access the Internet through the dial-up connection. Settings for connecting to yo

Page 136 - 13.3 Changing Basic Settings

Internet  798.3 Using Opera Mobile™Opera Mobile™ is a full-featured Internet browser, optimized for use on your device.Note You can also use Interne

Page 137 - Ringer settings

8 ContentsChapter 1 Getting Started 151.1 Getting to Know Your Touch Phone and Accessories ... 16Top panel ...

Page 138 - Phone services

80  InternetView Web pagesWhile browsing Web pages, use finger gestures to pan and zoom on the Web page. To zoom in, tap your finger twice on the scre

Page 139 - 13.4 Using Task Manager

Internet  818.4 Using YouTube™YouTube™ lets you browse, search, and watch video clips from the YouTube server.Note You need an active connection to 

Page 140 - 13.5 Protecting Your Device

82  InternetTo delete a program channel from the Program Guide listYou can only delete program channels that you have added to the Program Guide list.

Page 141 - 13.7 Resetting Your Device

Internet  83When you tap Stop (   ) or finish watching the entire video, you are presented with options on what you can do next. Tap to send the link 

Page 142 - Clear Storage

84  Internet8.5 Using Windows Live™Windows Live™ gives you a full Internet experience on your device. Windows Live™ helps you to find information, pu

Page 143 - 13.8 Windows Update

Internet  85Windows Live™ MessengerWith this mobile version of Windows Live™ Messenger, you enjoy many of the same cool features that you get from the

Page 144 - 13.9 Battery Saving Tips

86  Internet3. In the IM box, enter the e-mail address of the contact, which can be a Windows Live ID or any other  e-mail address. Tip You can fil

Page 145 - Appendix

Internet  875. Click Show All Devices, then click Have Disk and browse the Getting Started Disc to locate the USB modem driver for your device. 6.

Page 146 - A.1 Specifications

88  InternetCreate a modem dial-up connectionAfter your notebook recognizes your device as a modem, create a modem dial-up connection on your notebook

Page 147 - A.2 Regulatory Notices

Internet  89To set up a dial-up connection in a Windows XP notebook1. On your computer, click Start > Settings > Control Panel.2. Double-click

Page 149 - SAR Information

90  InternetDial up and connect to the InternetWhenever you want to dial up to the Internet on your notebook using your device as a modem, tap Menu &g

Page 150 - WEEE Notice

Internet  918.7 Using RSS HubRSS Hub is an RSS reader that keeps you up-to-date with the latest news from the Internet. It monitors Internet news cha

Page 151 - When Driving

92  InternetTo add new channels1. In the channel list, tap Menu > Channel > New to open the New Channel Wizard screen.2. Select an option, the

Page 152

Internet  93To change view optionsIn the news summary screen, tap Menu to change the text size, fit the text to the screen (text wrap), or enable Clea

Page 154 - Adapter/Charger

Chapter 9 Bluetooth9.1 Bluetooth Modes9.2 Bluetooth Partnerships9.3 Connecting a Bluetooth Hands-free or Stereo Headset9.4 Beaming Information U

Page 155

96  Bluetooth9.1 Bluetooth ModesBluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology. Devices with Bluetooth capabilities can exchange infor

Page 156

Bluetooth  979.3 Connecting a Bluetooth Hands-free or Stereo HeadsetFor hands-free phone conversations, you can use a Bluetooth hands-free headset su

Page 157

98  Bluetooth5. Tap the device name to which you want to send the item.6. If you beamed a calendar, task, or contact item to your computer and it is

Page 158

Bluetooth  999.6 Printing Files via BluetoothConnect your device to a Bluetooth printer to print contact information, appointment details, images, an

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