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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User Manual Manual

Page 2 - Please Read Before Proceeding

10 NONIONIZING RADIATIONYour device has an internal antenna. This product should be operated in its normal-use position to ensure the radiative perfor

Page 3

100 Entering Text

Page 4 - Disclaimers

Chapter 5 Synchronizing Information With Your Computer 5.1 About Synchronization5.2 Setting Up Windows Mobile® Device Center on Windows Vista®5.3

Page 5 - Limitation of Damages

102 Synchronizing Information With Your Computer5.1 About SynchronizationYou can take information from your computer wherever you go by synchronizing

Page 6

Synchronizing Information With Your Computer 103• Using Bluetooth. You must first set up a Bluetooth partnership between your device and your compu

Page 7

104 Synchronizing Information With Your ComputerSet up synchronization in Windows Mobile Device CenterWhen you connect your device to your computer a

Page 8

Synchronizing Information With Your Computer 105Use Windows Mobile Device CenterTo open Windows Mobile Device Center, click Start > All Programs &

Page 9

106 Synchronizing Information With Your Computer5.3 Setting Up ActiveSync® on Windows® XPThe Getting Started disc that comes with your device contain

Page 10 - Antenna

Synchronizing Information With Your Computer 107When you finish the wizard, ActiveSync synchronizes your device automatically. Notice that Outlook e-

Page 11 - General Precautions

108 Synchronizing Information With Your ComputerChange which information is synchronizedYou can change the information types and the amount of inform

Page 12

Synchronizing Information With Your Computer 109If this happens, tap Start > Settings > Connections tab > USB to PC, then clear the Enable a

Page 13 - Contents

11General Precautions• Avoid applying excessive pressure to the device Do not apply excessive pressure on the screen and the device to prevent dama

Page 14 - Chapter 3 TouchFLO™ 3D 67

110 Synchronizing Information With Your Computer5.6 Synchronizing Music and VideoIf you want to carry your music or other digital media along with yo

Page 15 - Chapter 4 Entering Text 87

Chapter 6 Exchanging Messages6.1 Messaging6.2 Text Messages6.3 MMS6.4 Types of E-mail Accounts6.5 E-mail Setup Wizard6.6 Using E-mail

Page 16

112 Exchanging Messages6.1 MessagingMessaging is a central location where you will find all types of messaging accounts, which include text messages

Page 17 - Chapter 8 Internet 147

Exchanging Messages 1133. Select a messaging account in which to add a signature.4. Select the Use signature with this account check box.5. In the

Page 18 - Chapter 9 Bluetooth 179

114 Exchanging MessagesFrom the Contacts screen1. Tap Start > Contacts.2. Tap the contact’s name to open his or her contact card.3. Touch Send

Page 19 - Chapter 12 Programs 225

Exchanging Messages 115To reply to a text message1. In the SMS \ MMS inbox, tap a message thread to open it.2. At the bottom of the screen, type yo

Page 20

116 Exchanging MessagesTo copy a text message from the SIM card to the device1. In the SMS \ MMS inbox, select the SIM message you want to copy.2.

Page 21

Exchanging Messages 1176.3 MMSSending multimedia messages (MMS) to your friends and family is fun and easy. You can include pictures, videos, and aud

Page 22 - Index 303

118 Exchanging Messages• Gateway. Location of the MMS server, which is usually in the form of an IP address.• Port number. HTTP port number used fo

Page 23 - Chapter 1

Exchanging Messages 1193. In To, enter the recipient’s phone number or e-mail address directly, or tap To, Cc, or Bcc to choose a phone number or an

Page 24 - Left panel Right panel

12 • Avoid wet areas Never use the product in a wet location.• Avoid using your device after a dramatic change in temperature When you move your dev

Page 25 - Front panel

120 Exchanging MessagesTo add text to an MMS messageWhen you tap Insert text here on your MMS message, an empty screen appears where you can enter yo

Page 26 - Back panel

Exchanging Messages 121Note To record a new audio clip and add it to your MMS message, tap . The Record pop-up window then opens. Tap Record to sta

Page 27 - Bottom panel

122 Exchanging MessagesTo block a phone number from sending you MMS messagesIf you do not want to receive MMS messages from a particular sender, you

Page 28 - Accessories

Exchanging Messages 123Set up your device to synchronize Outlook e-mail with the computerIf you have installed the synchronization software on your c

Page 29 - SIM card

124 Exchanging Messages6.5 E-mail Setup WizardWindows Mobile’s E-mail Setup wizard walks you through the process of setting up your e-mail account. I

Page 30

Exchanging Messages 1254. Enter Your name and the Account display name and then tap Next.Note If the E-mail Setup wizard was unsuccessful in findin

Page 31 - Storage card

126 Exchanging MessagesTo customize download and format settingsBefore you tap Finish when setting up your POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail account, you can tap

Page 32 - 1.3 Charging the Battery

Exchanging Messages 127Set up a custom domain e-mailWhen you are using an e-mail domain name that is hosted by a different e-mail provider (for examp

Page 33 - 1.4 Using the Strap Holder

128 Exchanging Messages6.6 Using E-mailAfter setting up e-mail accounts on your device, you can start sending and receiving e-mail messages.Create a

Page 34 - 1.5 Starting Up

Exchanging Messages 129Compose and send an e-mailAfter creating a new e-mail, follow the steps below to enter your message and then send it.1. To ad

Page 35

13ContentsChapter 1 Getting Started 231.1 Getting to Know Your Touch Phone and Accessories ... 24Left panel ...

Page 36 - 1.6 Navigating Your Device

130 Exchanging MessagesFor example, entering “B”, then “E” narrows the list to only the e-mails that contain sender names and e-mail subjects that st

Page 37

Exchanging Messages 131 • Download may take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, size of the whole e-mail, and whether f

Page 38 - Navigation Control

132 Exchanging MessagesSynchronize e-mailsSynchronizing e-mails ensures that new e-mails are downloaded to the device Inbox folder, e-mails in the Ou

Page 39 - Sliding your finger

Exchanging Messages 133To change the download size and format for Internet e-mail1. Tap Menu > Options on the Account Picker screen, or tap Menu

Page 40 - 1.7 Home Screen

134 Exchanging Messages

Page 41 - 1.8 Status Icons

Chapter 7 Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments7.1 Synchronizing with the Exchange Server7.2 Working With Company E-mails7.3 Manag

Page 42 - 42 Getting Started

136 Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments7.1 Synchronizing with the Exchange ServerTo keep up-to-date with your company e-mails and m

Page 43 - Getting Started 43

Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments 1379. Select the items that you want to sync with the Exchange Server.Tips • To change synch

Page 44 - 44 Getting Started

138 Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments7.2 Working With Company E-mailsYour device gives you instant access to your company e-mails

Page 45 - 1.9 Start Menu

Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments 139To turn on Direct Push in ActiveSync1. Tap Start > Programs > ActiveSync and then tap

Page 46 - 1.10 Quick Menu

14 1.10 Quick Menu ... 461.11 LED Alerts ...

Page 47 - 1.11 LED Alerts

140 Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments3. By default, only the first few words of the message is shown. To download the whole e-ma

Page 48 - 1.12 Adjusting the Volume

Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments 141Flag your messagesFlags serve as a reminder for you to follow-up on important issues or requ

Page 49

142 Working With Company E-mails and Meeting AppointmentsOut-of-office auto-replyOutlook Mobile allows you to retrieve and change your out-of-office

Page 50 - 50 Getting Started

Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments 143 • If the time of the meeting conflicts with your other appointments, a “Scheduling Confli

Page 51 - Chapter 2

144 Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments • To view an attendee’s contact information, tap the attendee’s name. If the attendee is

Page 52 - 2.1 Using the Phone

Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments 145• When creating a meeting request and selecting required and optional attendees in Calendar

Page 53 - 2.2 Voice Call

146 Working With Company E-mails and Meeting Appointments

Page 54 - Answer a call

Chapter 8 Internet8.1 Ways of Connecting to the Internet8.2 Starting a Data Connection8.3 Using Opera Mobile™8.4 Using YouTube™8.5 Using Stream

Page 55

148 Internet8.1 Ways of Connecting to the InternetYour device’s networking capabilities allow you to access the Internet or your corporate network at

Page 56

Internet 149To connect to a wireless networkAfter Wi-Fi is turned on, your device scans for available wireless networks in your area.1. The network

Page 58 - Speed Dial

150 InternetTo check wireless network statusYou can check the current wireless connection status from any of the following screens of your device:•

Page 59

Internet 151• Configure Wireless Networks screen.On the Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then tap All Settings. In the Connections tab, ta

Page 60 - 2.3 Video Call

152 InternetGPRS/3GUse GPRS/3G (or EDGE, if available) to connect to the Internet and to send and receive e-mail and picture messages on your device.

Page 61 - Change settings

Internet 1536. Enter the Access point name, then tap Next.7. Enter the user name and password, if required, then tap Finish.Notes • To view help

Page 62

154 Internet8.2 Starting a Data ConnectionAfter setting up a data connection such as GPRS/3G or ISP dial-up on your device, you can now connect your

Page 63

Internet 155123 4 5 6 7891 Refresh. Tap to reload the web page being viewed.2 Address bar. Enter the URL of the web site here. 3 Back. Tap to go back

Page 64 - 2.4 Smart Dial

156 InternetTo go to a web site1. On the Opera Mobile screen, tap the address bar. 2. Enter the URL address and tap . Search fieldAddress barTip

Page 65

Internet 157Opera Mobile menuOn the menu bar, tap to open the menu.Tap to open the Settings screen where you can set the default home page, change

Page 66

158 Internet8.4 Using YouTube™YouTube™ lets you browse, search, and watch video clips from the YouTube server.Note You need an active connection to

Page 67 - Chapter 3

Internet 159To add a new program channel into the Program Guide list1. On the YouTube screen, tap .2. On the Search screen, enter the channel you

Page 68 - 3.1 About TouchFLO™ 3D

16 Set up synchronization in Windows Mobile Device Center... 104Use Windows Mobile Device Center ...

Page 69

160 InternetWatching videosOn the Videos, Bookmarks, or History screen, tap a video to launch the YouTube Video Player. Tap to go back to the beginni

Page 70

Internet 161Playback ControlsThis control Does thisENTER Toggle between playing and pausing video playback. NAVIGATION Right (Landscape orientation)P

Page 71 - TouchFLO™ 3D 71

162 InternetBookmarksYou can store frequently viewed videos into Bookmarks for quick access.To view BookmarksOn the YouTube screen, tap . Tap a vide

Page 72

Internet 1638.5 Using Streaming MediaStreaming Media lets you stream live broadcasts or on-demand media content from the web. The media is sent in a

Page 73

164 InternetTap to switch to full screen mode. In full screen mode, tap the screen to switch back. Tap to toggle between playing or pausing the video

Page 74 - Messages

Internet 165To configure streaming video connection settingsTap Menu > Options to configure the following settings:• Connect via. Choose whether

Page 75

166 Internet3. Enter your Windows Live™ Mail or Hotmail address and password, select the Save password checkbox, then tap Next.4. Tap Next.5. Choo

Page 76 - Internet

Internet 167The Windows Live™ interfaceOn the Windows Live™ main screen, you will see a search bar, navigation buttons, and an area where you can sho

Page 77 - Photos and Videos

168 Internet• Instant messaging via text and voice• Multiple conversations• Insert emoticons• Contact list with presence• Send and receive files

Page 78

Internet 169To start and end conversations1. In the contact list, select a contact, then tap Send IM to open a message screen.2. Enter your text me

Page 79

17Filter the Inbox message list ... 129View and reply to

Page 80

170 InternetTip You can fill in other information about the contact, if desired. This is not necessary if you will communicate with the contact only

Page 81

Internet 171To set up your device as a USB modem1. On your device, tap Start > Programs > Internet Sharing.2. In the PC Connection list, sele

Page 82

172 InternetFor Windows Vista:a. Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.b. Click Manage network c

Page 83

Internet 1738.8 Using RSS HubRSS Hub is an RSS reader that keeps you up-to-date with the latest news from the Internet. It monitors Internet news cha

Page 84 - Programs

174 InternetNote If the RSS channel you want to subscribe to is not in the list of known channels, tap Back, then select another option on the New C

Page 85 - 3.3 Finger Gestures

Internet 175To filter the channels in the displayIn the channel list, tap Menu > View, then select:• Updated to display only those channels with

Page 86 - Finger panning

176 InternetNew or unread headlines display in bold and are marked with a blue newspaper icon. Headlines that have been read are marked with a gray n

Page 87 - Chapter 4

Internet 177To download, play, or save podcasts1. When you see an audio or video file attachment in the news summary, do one of the following to dow

Page 88 - 4.1 Entering Information

178 InternetTo view the next or previous news summaryIn the news summary screen, tap Menu > Next or Menu > Previous, or press NAVIGATION Left o

Page 89 - Entering Text 89

Chapter 9 Bluetooth9.1 Bluetooth Modes9.2 Bluetooth Partnerships9.3 Connecting a Bluetooth Hands-free or Stereo Headset9.4 Beaming Information U

Page 90

18 Bookmarks ... 162Histo

Page 91 - 4.3 Using the Full QWERTY

180 Bluetooth9.1 Bluetooth ModesBluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology. Devices with Bluetooth capabilities can exchange infor

Page 92 - 4.4 Using the Compact QWERTY

Bluetooth 1819.2 Bluetooth PartnershipsA Bluetooth partnership is a relationship that you create between your device and another Bluetooth-enabled de

Page 93 - 4.5 Using the Phone Keypad

182 BluetoothTo accept a Bluetooth partnership1. Ensure that Bluetooth is turned on and in visible mode.2. Tap Yes when prompted to establish a par

Page 94 - Multitap mode

Bluetooth 1833. Tap the name of the Bluetooth headset, then tap Next. The device will automatically pair the device with the Bluetooth headset.Windo

Page 95 - Tap to not add the word

184 Bluetootha. On your computer, open Bluetooth Devices from the Control Panel, then click the Options tab on the Bluetooth Devices window.b. For

Page 96

Bluetooth 1859.5 Bluetooth Explorer and Bluetooth File SharingBluetooth Explorer searches for other Bluetooth devices that have file sharing enabled

Page 97 - 4.8 Using Block Recognizer

186 Bluetooth2. Bluetooth Explorer then scans for other Bluetooth devices that have file sharing enabled. From the list, tap to select a Bluetooth d

Page 98 - 4.10 Using Transcriber

Bluetooth 187To print contact information1. On the Home screen, slide to the People tab and then tap All People. 2. Select the contact whose inform

Page 99

188 Bluetooth

Page 100 - 100 Entering Text

Chapter 10 Navigating on the Road10.1 Guidelines and Preparation for Using GPS10.2 Downloading Satellite Data via QuickGPS

Page 101 - Chapter 5

19On-screen controls and indicators ... 196Menu Panel ...

Page 102 - 5.1 About Synchronization

190 Navigating on the Road10.1 Guidelines and Preparation for Using GPSIf you install a GPS software on your device, please follow these guidelines

Page 103 - Windows Vista®

Navigating on the Road 191• The GPS signal cannot pass through solid non-transparent objects. Signal reception may be affected by obstructions such

Page 104

192 Navigating on the RoadTo download dataTap Download on the QuickGPS screen.On the screen, initially, you will see the Valid time of the downloaded

Page 105

Chapter 11 Experiencing Multimedia11.1 Taking Photos and Videos11.2 Viewing Photos and Videos Using Album11.3 Using Windows Media® Player Mobile1

Page 106 - check box according to

194 Experiencing Multimedia11.1 Taking Photos and VideosUse Camera to take photos and record video clips. You can either use the main (back) camera

Page 107

Experiencing Multimedia 195You can select from the following capture modes:Icon Capture ModePhoto Captures standard still images.Video Captures vid

Page 108

196 Experiencing MultimediaCamera controlsThe camera comes with an auto-focus function to let you capture sharp and crisp photos and videos of your s

Page 109

Experiencing Multimedia 1971 Zoom control. Tap to zoom in, or to zoom out.Tip You can also press NAVIGATION Up/Down (Landscape orientation) or

Page 110

198 Experiencing MultimediaMenu PanelThe Menu Panel provides a quick way of adjusting most common camera settings and lets you access more advanced c

Page 111 - Chapter 6

Experiencing Multimedia 1995 Brightness. Tap to open the Brightness bar at the bottom of the screen. On the Brightness bar, tap to decrease, or

Page 112 - 6.1 Messaging


Page 113 - 6.2 Text Messages

20 Create appointments ... 232View appointment

Page 114 - Manage text messages

200 Experiencing MultimediaThe camera zoom range for a photo or a video clip depends on the capture mode and resolution. Refer to the table for more

Page 115 - Enter your reply

Experiencing Multimedia 201The Review screenAfter capturing, the Review screen lets you view, send, or delete the photo or video clip by tapping an i

Page 116

202 Experiencing MultimediaAdvanced OptionsThe Advanced Options let you adjust options for your selected capture mode and set Camera program preferen

Page 117 - Change MMS settings

Experiencing Multimedia 203• Keep Backlight. Turn the backlight on or off. This overrides your device backlight settings while you are using the cam

Page 118 - Create and send MMS messages

204 Experiencing MultimediaChoose either Center Area to measure light using the center area of the subject, or Average to measure light using the are

Page 119

Experiencing Multimedia 205• Template Folder (Picture Theme mode). By default, templates are stored in the \My Documents\Templates folder on the dev

Page 120

206 Experiencing MultimediaSelect a photo or video to view1. On the main Album screen, tap Albums and then select the album to view. The contents of

Page 121

Experiencing Multimedia 207To rotate the imageWhile viewing images, you can automatically rotate the image by simply turning your device sideways. To

Page 122 - 6.4 Types of E-mail Accounts

208 Experiencing MultimediaTo zoom in or out of an imageWhile viewing an image, make a full circle motion on the screen with your finger. Slide your

Page 123 - Add an e-mail account

Experiencing Multimedia 209To view still images as a slideshowWhile viewing the slideshow, tap the screen to show playback controls.Note The screen

Page 124 - 6.5 E-mail Setup Wizard

2112.16 Voice Recorder ...26012.17 WorldCard Mobile ...

Page 125

210 Experiencing MultimediaPlay back videoWhile playing back video, tap the screen to show the playback controls.Tap to go back to the beginning of t

Page 126 - 126 Exchanging Messages

Experiencing Multimedia 21111.3 Using Windows Media® Player MobileWindows Media® Player Mobile plays digital audio and video files that are stored o

Page 127 - Set up a custom domain e-mail

212 Experiencing MultimediaAbout the controlsPlay/PauseFull screenVisit WindowsMedia.comTap and drag to jump to any part of the video or audioSkip to

Page 128 - 6.6 Using E-mail

Experiencing Multimedia 213At the bottom of each screen, you can open a Menu. The commands on this menu vary, depending on which screen you are viewi

Page 129 - Filter the Inbox message list

214 Experiencing MultimediaThe files will begin synchronizing to your device. The next time you connect your device to your computer while Windows Me

Page 130 - View and reply to messages

Experiencing Multimedia 215Notes • Use Windows Media® Player 11 or higher on your computer to synchronize media files to your device. • Audio fil

Page 131

216 Experiencing MultimediaPlaylistsIn Windows Media® Player Mobile, you can create a new playlist by saving the current Now Playing playlist and giv

Page 132 - Customize e-mail settings

Experiencing Multimedia 21711.4 Using FM RadioFM Radio allows you to listen to FM radio stations on your device. Since FM Radio uses the provided st

Page 133

218 Experiencing MultimediaThis control Does this1Turns off FM radio.2See “Radio display” for details.3Searches the FM band for the next higher FM ch

Page 134 - 134 Exchanging Messages

Experiencing Multimedia 219Radio display1Shows the status of FM Radio.13242Shows the preset number when you select a preset FM station.3Shows the rec

Page 135 - Chapter 7

22 Clear Storage ... 28713.10

Page 136

220 Experiencing MultimediaTo save FM stations1. Tune to the desired FM frequency, then tap Presets.2. On the Presets screen, tap that appears on

Page 137 - Start synchronization

Experiencing Multimedia 221Sleep Set how much time must pass before FM Radio goes into sleep mode. The Sleep option is switched to Off every time you

Page 138

222 Experiencing MultimediaTo create a custom equalizer preset1. Adjust the frequency bands to your desired values by dragging the equalizer control

Page 139 - Scheduled synchronization

Experiencing Multimedia 223To trim the MP3 file1. Tap Start > Programs > MP3 Trimmer.2. Tap Open to find the MP3 file in the device or storag

Page 140

224 Experiencing Multimedia

Page 141 - Flag your messages

Chapter 12 Programs12.1 Programs on your Device12.2 Adding and Removing Programs12.3 Adobe® Reader® LE12.4 Calendar12.5 Contacts12.6 Comm Manag

Page 142 - 7.3 Managing Meeting Requests

226 Programs12.1 Programs on your DeviceThe following are programs you can find on your device or install from the Application disc.Programs in the

Page 143

Programs 227Programs screenIcon DescriptionGames Play these pre-installed games: Bubble Breaker, Teeter and Solitaire.ActiveSync Synchronize inform

Page 144

228 ProgramsIcon DescriptionInternet Sharing Connect your notebook computer to the Internet using your device's data connection. See Chapter 8

Page 145

Programs 229Icon DescriptionSpb GPRS Monitor Use this program to measure the amount of data transfers that you have made via the GPRS or GSM network

Page 146

Chapter 1 Getting Started1.1 Getting to Know Your Touch Phone and Accessories1.2 Installing the SIM Card, Battery, and Storage Card1.3 Charging th

Page 147 - Chapter 8

230 Programs12.2 Adding and Removing ProgramsAdditional programs, such as the programs in the Application disc or other programs that you purchase,

Page 148

Programs 23112.3 Adobe® Reader® LEAdobe® Reader® LE is an application for viewing PDF (Portable Document Format) documents on your device. It suppor

Page 149

232 ProgramsTo search for text in the document1. Tap Tools > Find > Text or tap in the toolbar.2. Type in the text to be searched, then tap

Page 150

Programs 233• If there is a time frame for the appointment, set the start and end dates and times.4. Specify the type of category for your appointm

Page 151

234 ProgramsView appointmentsBy default, Calendar displays appointments in Agenda view. You can also look at your appointments in Day, Week, Month, a

Page 152

Programs 235Send appointmentsTo send a meeting requestUse Calendar to schedule meetings via e-mail with contacts who use Outlook or Outlook Mobile.1.

Page 153

236 Programs12.5 ContactsContacts is your address book and information storage for people and businesses you communicate with. You can add the follo

Page 154 - 8.3 Using Opera Mobile™

Programs 2373. In the File as field, choose how you want the contact name to appear in the contact list.4. To add a photo of the contact, tap Selec

Page 155

238 ProgramsOrganize and search contactsTo group similar contactsFor easier management, you can group similar contacts by assigning them to categorie

Page 156 - View web pages

Programs 239Share contact informationTo beam a contact’s detailsYou can quickly send contact information to another mobile phone or device through Bl

Page 157 - Opera Mobile menu

24 Getting Started1.1 Getting to Know Your Touch Phone and AccessoriesLeft panel Right panelVOLUME UPDuring a call or when playing music, press this

Page 158 - 8.4 Using YouTube™

240 Programs12.6 Comm ManagerComm Manager is a central location where you can easily turn on and off the communication features of your device such

Page 159

Programs 2414 Switch Wi-Fi on or off. Tap Settings > Wireless LAN to configure wireless network connection settings. See Chapter 8 for details.5 S

Page 160 - Watching videos

242 ProgramsSet up a printerYou must configure your device to connect to a printer before you can start printing.1. Tap Start > Programs > JET

Page 161 - Playback Controls

Programs 243Print a web page1. Open your web browser and go to the web page that you want to print.2. Tap and hold the screen, then tap Print on th

Page 162 - Bookmarks

244 ProgramsWhen working with Word Mobile and Excel Mobile files, you can use the Navigation Control on your device for zooming:To zoom in, slide you

Page 163 - 8.5 Using Streaming Media

Programs 24512.9 NotesUsing Notes, you can create handwritten and typed notes, record voice notes, convert handwritten notes to text for easy readab

Page 164

246 ProgramsTo record a voice noteYou can create a stand-alone recording (voice note) or you can add a recording to a note.1. Tap Start > Program

Page 165 - 8.6 Using Windows Live™

Programs 247To download and install via Internet Explorer Mobile1. On the JBlend screen, tap Install > Download to open Internet Explorer Mobile.

Page 166

248 ProgramsTo update a MIDlet or MIDlet suiteOn the JBlend screen, select a MIDlet or MIDlet suite and then tap Menu > Application > Update In

Page 167 - Windows Live™ Messenger

Programs 24912.11 SIM ManagerSIM Manager allows you to view the contents of your SIM card, transfer contacts from your SIM card to your device or vi

Page 168 - Launch Messenger and sign in

Getting Started 25Front panel EarpieceListen to a phone call from here.Touch ScreenHOMEPress to return to the Home screen. See Chapter 3 for details

Page 169 - Add Windows Live™ contacts

250 Programs2. Select the check boxes of the types of phone numbers that you want to be added to the SIM card.3. Under the Mark column, you can cha

Page 170

Programs 25112.12 Spb GPRS MonitorUsing Spb GPRS Monitor, you can monitor how much data you have sent and received on your device, and check the net

Page 171

252 ProgramsWhen you tap the GPRS Monitor icon on the title bar, a pop-up window opens and shows you detailed statistics about your data transfers, s

Page 172

Programs 253To set up traffic limit notificationsYou can set up traffic limit notifications if you want to be notified when a traffic limit is reache

Page 173 - 8.8 Using RSS Hub

254 Programs12.13 Sprite BackupUse Sprite Backup to back up data, which includes settings, files, contacts, and all other information, to the device

Page 174

Programs 255Use the check boxes to select or exclude items for backup.Main screen Backup Data Selection screenNotes • To prevent data restore probl

Page 175 - View and organize headlines

256 ProgramsTo restore data1. On the Sprite Backup main screen, tap Restore. Sprite Backup then searches for all available backup files on the devic

Page 176 - View the news summary

Programs 25712.14 TasksUse Tasks to keep track of things you need to do. A task can occur once or repeatedly (recurring).Your tasks are displayed in

Page 177

258 ProgramsTo send task information as a vCalendarAfter selecting the task to send in the Task screen, tap Menu > Send as vCalendar to send a vCa

Page 178

Programs 259Notes • Do not pause when you say a command. For example, no pause is required between “Call” and “John”. • If the program cannot rec

Page 179 - Chapter 9

26 Getting StartedNotes When using the four buttons — HOME, BACK, TALK/SEND, and END — and the Navigation Control, please observe the following prec

Page 180 - 9.1 Bluetooth Modes

260 ProgramsCreate a voice tag for a programYou can create customized voice tags to open programs with commands that are not included in the preset v

Page 181 - 9.2 Bluetooth Partnerships

Programs 261Note If a storage card is installed before you open Voice Recorder, the recordings are saved in the My Voices folder on the storage card

Page 182 - Devices tab, then tap Delete

262 ProgramsTo set a voice recording as ring toneSelect the voice recording, then tap Menu > Set as Ringtone.To rename or move a recording1. Sele

Page 183

Programs 263Tap to view the WorldCard Mobile copyright information.Tap to open the WorldCard Mobile help.Tap to open the Camera program and take a ph

Page 184

264 ProgramsClear this box if you do not want to include the particular information for the contact when exported to the Contacts list. Tap the down

Page 185

Programs 26512.18 ZIPThe ZIP program increases the storage capacity of your device by allowing you to compress files in the conventional ZIP format.

Page 186

266 ProgramsTo create a new zip archive1. Touch File > New Archive.2. On the Save As screen, enter the zip file name and choose a folder where y

Page 187

Chapter 13 Managing Your Device13.1 Copying and Managing Files13.2 Settings on your Device13.3 Changing Basic Settings13.4 Using Connection Setu

Page 188 - 188 Bluetooth

268 Managing Your Device13.1 Copying and Managing FilesYou can copy files between your device and computer, or copy files to a storage card installe

Page 189 - Chapter 10

Managing Your Device 2694. To quickly delete, rename, or copy a file, tap and hold the file, then choose the desired operation on the shortcut menu.

Page 190

Getting Started 27Top panelPOWERPress to turn off the display temporarily. To turn off the power, press and hold for about 5 seconds. For more inform

Page 191

270 Managing Your DeviceIcon DescriptionLock Set a password for your device.Menus Set which programs will appear in the Start menu.Owner Informatio

Page 192 - Download options

Managing Your Device 271Icon DescriptionClock & Alarms Set the device clock to the date and time of your locale or to a visiting time zone when

Page 193 - Chapter 11

272 Managing Your DeviceIcon DescriptionPower Check the remaining battery power. You can also set the brightness of the backlight and timeout for tu

Page 194 - Capture modes

Managing Your Device 273Connections tabIcon DescriptionAdvanced Network Turn on/off HSPA, set the GPRS authentication method, set the line type to u

Page 195

274 Managing Your DeviceIcon DescriptionWireless LAN See information about the active wireless network, and customize Wi-Fi settings.13.3 Changing

Page 196 - Camera controls

Managing Your Device 275Note This does not change the language of your device’s operating system.The region you select determines which options will

Page 197

276 Managing Your DeviceDevice nameThe device name is used to identify your device in the following situations:• Synchronizing with a computer• Con

Page 198 - Menu Panel

Managing Your Device 277Tips • You can use *.wav, *.mid, *.mp3, *.wma, or other types of sound files that you downloaded from the Internet or copie

Page 199 - Zoom Out

278 Managing Your Device3. On the Notifications tab, in Event, tap an event name and choose how you want to be notified by selecting the appropriate

Page 200 - 200 Experiencing Multimedia

Managing Your Device 279To automatically configure the device’s data connectionsThe first time you power on your device, or when you insert a new SIM

Page 201 - The Review screen

28 Getting StartedAccessoriesThe product package includes the following items and accessories:BatteryAC adapterScreen protectorStereo headsetUSB sync

Page 202 - Advanced Options

280 Managing Your Device13.5 Using Task ManagerTask Manager lets you view and stop running programs, configure the button, and enable the Quick Me

Page 203

Managing Your Device 281To close running programs from the Task Manager1. On the Task Manager screen, tap the Running tab.2. Do one of the followi

Page 204

282 Managing Your Device13.6 Connecting to an External DisplayThe TV Out function outputs the device’s screen contents and audio to an external disp

Page 205

Managing Your Device 2835. Tap the type of media you want to output.6. Turn on the external display and then switch to the input signal that you co

Page 206 - View an image

284 Managing Your DeviceTip If your device is configured to connect to a network, use an alphanumeric password for increased security.5. Enter the

Page 207

Managing Your Device 28513.8 Managing MemoryTo see how much memory is available for use1. On the Home screen, slide to the Settings tab and then ta

Page 208 - To zoom in or out of an image

286 Managing Your Device13.9 Resetting Your DeviceSoft resetOccasionally, you may need to reset your device. A soft (or normal) reset of your device

Page 209 - Experiencing Multimedia 209

Managing Your Device 287Important If Encrypt files when placed on a storage card is enabled, backup all files from the storage card before using Cle

Page 210 - Close Album

288 Managing Your Device13.10 Windows UpdateYou can update Windows Mobile® on your device with the latest updates, security patches or fixes, if the

Page 211

Managing Your Device 2893. Tap Menu and select the option you want to change.• Tap Connections to change how the device connects to the Internet wh

Page 212 - About the screens and menus

Getting Started 29SIM cardThe SIM card contains your phone number, service details, and phonebook/message memory. Your device supports both 1.8V and

Page 213

290 Managing Your Device• Turn Bluetooth off when you are not using it. Make your device visible to other devices only when you are trying to establ

Page 214

Appendix A.1 SpecificationsA.2 Regulatory Notices

Page 215 - Play media

292 AppendixA.1 SpecificationsSystem InformationProcessor Qualcomm® MSM7201A™ 528 MHzMemory ROM : 512 MBRAM : 288 MB DDRNote: Figures are the total

Page 216 - Troubleshooting

Appendix 293PhysicalDimensions 102 mm (L) X 51 mm (W) X 18.05 mm (T)Weight 165 g (with battery)DisplayLCD Type 2.8-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive

Page 217 - 11.4 Using FM Radio

294 AppendixAudioMicrophone/SpeakerBuilt-inRing tone Supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, WAV, AMR-NB formats40 polyphonic and standard MIDI format 0 and 1

Page 218

Appendix 295A.2 Regulatory NoticesRegulatory Agency IdentificationsFor regulatory identification purposes, your product is assigned a model number o

Page 219 - Save presets

296 Appendix• EN 301 489-24 Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM); Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standard for radio e

Page 220 - FM Radio Main Menu

Appendix 297• EN 50360 / 50361 Product standard to demonstrate the compliance of mobile phones with the basic restrictions related to human exposur

Page 221 - 11.5 Using Audio Booster

298 AppendixSafety Precautions for RF ExposureUse only original manufacturer-approved accessories, or accessories that do not contain any metal.Use o

Page 222 - 11.6 Using MP3 Trimmer

Appendix 299causing loss of performance and SAR levels exceeding the recommended limits as well as result in non-compliance with local regulatory req

Page 223

3Opera® Mobile from Opera Software ASA. Copyright 1995-2008 Opera Software ASA. All Rights Reserved.YouTube is a trademark of Google, Inc.Sprite Bac

Page 224 - 224 Experiencing Multimedia

30 Getting StartedBattery life estimates (approximations):Standby time: Up to 367 hours for GSM Up to 462 hours for WCDMATalk time: Up to 419 minu

Page 225 - Chapter 12

300 AppendixHearing Aids Some digital wireless phones may interfere with some hearing aids. In the event of such interference, you may want to consul

Page 226 - 12.1 Programs on your Device

Appendix 301The WEEE logo (shown at the left) on the product or on its box indicates that this product must not be disposed of or dumped with your ot

Page 228 - 228 Programs

Index Symbols3G 152AA2DP 182ActiveSync- about 227- set up 106- synchronize with computer 107- synchronize with Exchange Server 136Add and remov

Page 229 - Programs 229

304 Index- turn on and o 240- visible 180Bluetooth Explorer 227CCalculator 227Calendar- about 226- create appointment 232- send appointment 2

Page 230

Index 305EE-mail- Internet e-mail account (POP3/IMAP4) 124- mail server settings 125- Mail tab (Home screen) 75- send 129- settings (POP3/IMAP4)

Page 231 - 12.3 Adobe® Reader® LE

306 IndexInternet Sharing 170, 228Internet tab (Home screen) 76JJava- install MIDlets/MIDlet suites from device 247- install MIDlets/MIDlet suites

Page 232 - 12.4 Calendar

Index 307PPanorama capture mode 195Password 283People tab (Home screen) 72Phone 52, 226Phone Keypad 93Phone services 278Photo capture mode 195

Page 233

308 IndexSettings (Connections tab)- Advanced Network 273- Beam 273- Bluetooth 273- Connections 152, 153, 273- Connection Setup 273, 278- Domain

Page 234 - View appointments

Index 309Streaming Media 163, 229Swap/switch calls 56Synchronize- ActiveSync 107- change information types 108- music and videos 110- via Blueto

Page 235 - Send appointments

Getting Started 31To remove the batteryMake sure your device is turned off.Remove the back cover.The bottom right side of the battery has a protrudin

Page 236 - 12.5 Contacts

310 Index- file formats 211- menus 212- playlists 216- troubleshoot 216Windows Mobile Device Center 103Windows Update 272, 288Word Mobile 226,

Page 237

32 Getting Started1.3 Charging the BatteryNew batteries are shipped partially charged. Before you start using your device, it is recommended that you

Page 238 - Organize and search contacts

Getting Started 331.4 Using the Strap HolderThe strap holder at the bottom panel of your device allows you to attach a wrist strap, neck lanyard, or

Page 239 - Share contact information

34 Getting Started1.5 Starting UpAfter installing your SIM card and battery and charging the battery, you can now power on and start using your devic

Page 240 - 12.6 Comm Manager

Getting Started 35Auto configure the data connection settingsThe first time you power on your device, you will see a notification message from Connec

Page 241 - 12.7 JETCET™ PRINT

36 Getting Started1.6 Navigating Your DeviceThere are different ways you can navigate and interact with the interface of your device.Finger-touch con

Page 242 - Print a file

Getting Started 37The direction of swiping resembles the way you move a printed document as you are reading it. For detailed instructions, see “Finge

Page 243 - Print a web page

38 Getting StartedStylusYou can use the stylus to navigate and interact with the touch screen. To use the stylus, pull it out from the stylus compart

Page 244

Getting Started 39The Navigation Control is also touch sensitive and can be used for zooming. Slide your finger clockwise around the Navigation Contr

Page 245 - 12.9 Notes


Page 246 - 12.10 JBlend

40 Getting Started1.7 Home ScreenThe default home screen of the device is the TouchFLO™ 3D Home screen which allows finger-touch access to the most i

Page 247

Getting Started 41Tasks screenWhen you open the hardware keyboard while on the Home screen, a screen is shown letting you quickly start a task such a

Page 248 - Delete All

42 Getting StartedThe following are some of the status icons that you may see on the device.Icons that appear in this areaConnection SetupMultiple no

Page 249 - 12.11 SIM Manager

Getting Started 43Icons that appear in this areaGPRS availableEDGE availableHSPA availableWCDMA/UMTS availableConnected to a wireless networkConnecti

Page 250

44 Getting StartedIcons that appear in this areaBattery chargingBattery fullBattery lowIcons that appear in this areaVibrate modeSound onSound offIco

Page 251 - 12.12 Spb GPRS Monitor

Getting Started 451.9 Start MenuThe Start menu, which can be opened from the top left corner of the screen, gives you access to all the programs and

Page 252

46 Getting Started1.10 Quick MenuThe Quick menu, which can be opened from the top right corner of the screen, shows the currently running programs.

Page 253 - View charts and reports

Getting Started 471.11 LED AlertsThe buttons below the touch screen and the exterior edge of the Navigation Control which is an LED ring will light

Page 254 - 12.13 Sprite Backup

48 Getting Started1.12 Adjusting the VolumeAdjusting the system volume changes the volume level of sound notifications and audio/video playback, whe

Page 255

Getting Started 49Note On certain screens that do not show the volume status icon on the title bar, you need to use the VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons on th

Page 256


Page 257 - 12.14 Tasks

50 Getting Started

Page 258 - 12.15 Voice Commander

Chapter 2 Using Phone Features2.1 Using the Phone2.2 Voice Call2.3 Video Call2.4 Smart Dial2.5 Setting Up Bluetooth SIM Access for Car Kit Phon

Page 259

52 Using Phone Features2.1 Using the PhoneLike a standard mobile phone, you can use your device to make, receive, and keep track of calls and send me

Page 260 - 12.16 Voice Recorder

Using Phone Features 532.2 Voice CallMake a callTo make a call from the Phone screen1. On the Home screen, tap Phone.2. Tap the keys on the keypad

Page 261

54 Using Phone FeaturesTo make a call from the TouchFLO 3D Home screenRefer to Chapter 3 to learn how to make a call from the TouchFLO 3D Home screen

Page 262 - 12.17 WorldCard Mobile

Using Phone Features 55 To answer or reject an incoming call• To answer the call, tap Answer, or press the TALK/SEND button.• To reject

Page 263

56 Using Phone FeaturesTo put a call on holdYour device notifies you when you have another incoming call, and gives you the option of rejecting or ac

Page 264 - 264 Programs

Using Phone Features 57To mute the microphone during a callTap to toggle between turning on or off the microphone. When the microphone is turned of

Page 265 - 12.18 ZIP

58 Using Phone FeaturesTo check a missed callYou will see the icon in the title bar when you missed a call. To check who the caller was, do one of

Page 266

Using Phone Features 59Turn the phone function on and offIn many countries, you are required by law to turn off the phone while on board an aircraft.

Page 267 - Chapter 13

6 notebook computer has an equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet which is properly i

Page 268

60 Using Phone Features2.3 Video CallYour device lets you make video calls when you are within a 3G network coverage area. You need to use a 3G-enabl

Page 269 - 13.2 Settings on your Device

Using Phone Features 61End a video call Once a video call is in progress, tap End Call to hang up.Change settingsWhile on a video call, you can chang

Page 270 - System tab

62 Using Phone FeaturesBrightnessTo adjust the brightness of the live image, press NAVIGATION Right to make it brighter or press NAVIGATION Left to m

Page 271 - Managing Your Device 271

Using Phone Features 63General tab• Show still image. Select the image you want to display when you turn off the camera.• Preset (female). Displays

Page 272 - 272 Managing Your Device

64 Using Phone FeaturesServices tabTo set up further calling options for Video Call, tap the Services tab. On the Services screen, select the desired

Page 273 - Connections tab

Using Phone Features 65If the matching list is long and you want to narrow down the search further, enter another letter. Using the same example abov

Page 274 - 13.3 Changing Basic Settings

66 Using Phone Features2.5 Setting Up Bluetooth SIM Access for Car Kit PhonesBluetooth car kits that support the SIM Access Profile (SAP) can connect

Page 275 - Display settings

Chapter 3 TouchFLO™ 3D 3.1 About TouchFLO™ 3D3.2 Using the TouchFLO 3D Home Screen3.3 Finger Gestures

Page 276 - Ringer settings

68 TouchFLO™ 3D3.1 About TouchFLO™ 3DTouchFLO™ 3D gives you touch control over your Windows Mobile-powered device. TouchFLO 3D provides the following

Page 277 - Alarms and notifications

TouchFLO™ 3D 69To switch between the tabs of the Home screenDo one of the following:Touch or tap the desired tab on the Home screen.Press NAVIGATION

Page 278 - 13.4 Using Connection Setup

7• Keep metal objects away so they don’t come in contact with the battery or its connectors as it may lead to short circuit during operation. • Do

Page 279

70 TouchFLO™ 3DSwipe left across the screen to move to the next tab, and swipe right across the screen to move to the previous tab.HomeThe Home tab d

Page 280 - 13.5 Using Task Manager

TouchFLO™ 3D 71Touch the date or the flip clock to open the Clock & Alarms screen where you can set the date, time, and alarm. (See Chapter 13 fo

Page 281

72 TouchFLO™ 3DPeopleOn the People tab, you can add favorite contacts who you most frequently communicate with. This allows you to quickly make calls

Page 282

TouchFLO™ 3D 735. To add another favorite contact, touch the small Plus icon ( ) at the right side of the screen and repeat steps 3 and 4.To choos

Page 283 - 13.7 Protecting Your Device

74 TouchFLO™ 3DTouch the picture of the contact on the center screen to access his or her contact card. On the contact card, you will see the last ou

Page 284

TouchFLO™ 3D 75For more information about working with SMS and MMS messages, see “Text Messages” and “MMS” in Chapter 6.MailThe Mail tab is where you

Page 285 - 13.8 Managing Memory

76 TouchFLO™ 3DTo browse through received e-mails, swipe up or down on the envelope image or press NAVIGATION Up/Down.Touch the e-mail on the screen

Page 286 - 13.9 Resetting Your Device

TouchFLO™ 3D 77Photos and VideosThe Photos and Videos tab lets you visually flip through your photos and video clips and view them in full screen. Fr

Page 287 - Clear Storage

78 TouchFLO™ 3D • To transfer media files from a computer and view them on the Photos and Videos tab, copy or synchronize them to a folder under \M

Page 288 - 13.10 Windows Update

TouchFLO™ 3D 79To advance forward or backward in the musicDo one of the following:Touch and hold on the thin bar below the album art to display the p

Page 289 - 13.11 Battery Saving Tips

8 NOTE: For France, Earphone (listed below) for this device have been tested to comply with the Sound Pressure Level requirement laid down in the appl

Page 290

80 TouchFLO™ 3DTo browse and play music in the LibraryThe Library organizes music into categories, such as Now Playing, Artists, Albums, Genres, All

Page 291 - Appendix

TouchFLO™ 3D 81Touch the first song in the playlist. The Music tab starts playing the first song. After each song, the next one in the playlist will

Page 292 - A.1 Specifications

82 TouchFLO™ 3DWeatherThe Weather tab shows you the current weather as well as weather information for the next five days of the week.To add a cityTh

Page 293 - Connections

TouchFLO™ 3D 83Touch to see the weather information for the next five days of the week.Touch Menu to add or delete a city, change the temperature to

Page 294 - Expansion Slot

84 TouchFLO™ 3DSettingsThe Settings tab allows you to synchronize information with your computer or the Exchange Server, change sound settings such a

Page 295 - A.2 Regulatory Notices

TouchFLO™ 3D 85When you have filled up the screen with programs, scroll down the Programs tab to access more empty slots and add more programs. To sc

Page 296

86 TouchFLO™ 3DTo auto-scroll, flick your finger upward or downward on the touch screen. Touch the screen to stop scrolling.To scroll left and rightT

Page 297

Chapter 4 Entering Text4.1 Entering Information4.2 Using the Hardware Keyboard4.3 Using the Full QWERTY4.4 Using the Compact QWERTY4.5 Using th

Page 298

88 Entering Text4.1 Entering InformationWhen you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, you can either use the QWERTY keybo

Page 299 - Safety Information

Entering Text 89Input Panel (Full QWERTY)Input Selector arrowInput Panel iconText input methodsKey when pressedIcon Input method Icon Input methodFul

Page 300 - WEEE Notice

9ROAD SAFETYVehicle drivers in motion are not permitted to use telephony services with handheld devices, except in the case of emergency. In some co

Page 301 - RoHS Compliance

90 Entering Text4.2 Using the Hardware KeyboardYou can do the following with the hardware keyboard:• To type lowercase letters and numbers, press th

Page 302 - 302 Appendix

Entering Text 91• Press to open the Messaging program.• Press to open your SMS/MMS messaging account.• Press and hold , then press to open

Page 303

92 Entering TextTo enter text using the Full QWERTY1. Start a program that accepts text input, such as Word Mobile.2. Tap the Input Selector arrow,

Page 304 - 304 Index

Entering Text 93Tip You can tap and hold to immediately open the numeric keyboard. To enter text using the Compact QWERTY1. Start a program that

Page 305 - Index 305

94 Entering TextTip You can tap and hold to immediately open the numeric keyboard. To enter text using the Phone Keypad1. Start a program that ac

Page 306 - 306 Index

Entering Text 95Note Navigate through the word candidate list if there are more words to choose from.To add a word to the T9 dictionaryIf the word t

Page 307 - Index 307

96 Entering Text4.7 Using Numeric and Symbol ModeSwitch to Numeric and Symbol mode to let you easily enter numbers and common symbols such as parenth

Page 308 - 308 Index

Entering Text 97Tip In Compact QWERTY and Phone Keypad, tap / to toggle between locking the keyboard in Numeric and Symbol mode and switching ba

Page 309 - Index 309

98 Entering Text4.9 Using Letter RecognizerWith Letter Recognizer, you can write individual letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, which are then c

Page 310 - 310 Index

Entering Text 99To enter punctuation and symbolsTranscriber comes with an on-screen keyboard that provides an easy way to add punctuation or a specia

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