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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Your HTC 7 Pro

Your HTC 7 ProUser guide

Page 2 - Icons used in this guide

10 BasicsBasics Charging the batteryThe battery is partially charged when shipped. Before you turn on and start using your phone, it is reco

Page 3 - Contents

11 BasicsBasics Switching your phone on or offSwitching your phone onPress the POWER button. Easy.When you turn on the phone for the first t

Page 4 - 4 Contents

12 Getting startedGetting started Getting startedSetting up your phone for the first timeWhen you switch on your phone for the first time, y

Page 5 - 5 Contents

13 Getting startedGetting started Unpinning a tileOn the Start screen, press and hold the tile you want to remove, and then tap .Accessing

Page 6 - Your phone

14 Getting startedGetting started Unlocking the screenWhen you see the lock screen, press the bottom of the screen and then slide your finge

Page 7 - Back panel

15 Getting startedGetting started Here’s some of the icons you might see and what they mean:Signal strength 3G (EVDO) connectionBattery is c

Page 8 - Back cover

16 Getting startedGetting started Searching within an appIn some apps like People, Maps, and Marketplace, you can do a search within those a

Page 9 - Removing the battery

17 Phone callsPhone calls Phone callsMaking callsOn the Start screen, tap the Phone tile.Tap .Dial the number you want to call, and then t

Page 10 - Charging the battery

18 Phone callsPhone calls If To answer the call To reject the callDisplay is on Tap answer. Tap ignore.Display is off When the lock screen a

Page 11 - Finger gestures

19 Phone callsPhone calls Turning the speakerphone on or off during a callTap .Tap speaker. Tap speaker again to turn off the speakerphone

Page 12 - Getting started

2 Icons used in this guideIn this user guide, we use the following symbols to indicate useful and important information:This is a note. It

Page 13 - Sleep mode

20 Phone callsPhone calls Clearing the call history listOn the call history screen, you can do the following:To remove a name or number from

Page 14 - Status icons

21 PeoplePeople PeopleAbout the People hubWhen you set up your email and other accounts on your phone, your contacts are imported automatica

Page 15 - Adjusting the volume

22 PeoplePeople Contact informationWhen you tap a contact on the People hub, the profile screen opens, showing you the person’s contact deta

Page 16 - Changing the theme

23 PeoplePeople Merging contact informationIf you have the same contacts stored in your phone and online accounts such as Windows Live and F

Page 17 - Phone calls

24 PeoplePeople Looking for your contacts that start with the letter M? Tap the letter box, for example , to go to a particular letter on

Page 18 - Using in-call options

25 KeyboardKeyboard KeyboardThe Hardware KeyboardYour device comes with a QWERTY keyboard, which is similar to a standard keyboard on a comp

Page 19 - Using call history

26 KeyboardKeyboard To enter the symbol or punctuation mark that is printed at the upper right corner of a key, press , and then press the

Page 20 - Call services

27 KeyboardKeyboard Moving the cursorWhile entering text, press and hold the text box. A floating cursor appears .Drag the cursor to the p

Page 21 - About the People hub

28 MessagingMessaging MessagingAbout MessagingKeep in touch with important people in your life. Use the Messaging application to compose and

Page 22 - Adding a new contact

29 MessagingMessaging Sending a picture messageTo send a picture message, start by creating a new text message, and then attach a photo to i

Page 23 - Merging contact information

3 Contents ContentsBasicsInside the box 6Your phone 6Back cover 8Battery 9Switching your phone on or off 11Finger gestures 11Getting s

Page 24 - Your Me tile

30 MessagingMessaging Managing message conversationsDeleting a conversationOn the conversations screen, press and hold a contact (or phone n

Page 25 - Keyboard

31 EmailEmail EmailAdding a POP3/IMAP email accountDo one of the following:If you haven’t set up any accounts yet, tap Email setup on the St

Page 26 - Using the onscreen keyboard

32 EmailEmail Checking your inboxAfter you set up an email account, a new tile is created on the Start screen for that account. To open an e

Page 27 - Changing keyboard settings

33 EmailEmail Selecting multiple email messages from the inbox to delete or moveOn the email account inbox, do one of the following:Tap .T

Page 28 - Messaging

34 EmailEmail Reading and replying to an email messageOn the Start screen, tap the email account tile.On the email account inbox, tap the em

Page 29 - Sending a picture message

35 CalendarCalendar CalendarAbout CalendarUse your phone’s Calendar to create and manage your appointments. You can also set up your phone t

Page 30 - Forwarding a message

36 CalendarCalendar Sending an invitationYou can use Calendar to schedule a meeting or an appointment and invite people to attend it. An inv

Page 31 - 31 EmailEmail

37 CalendarCalendar Viewing, editing or deleting an appointmentYou can view, edit, or delete appointments you’ve created. Viewing the detail

Page 32 - Checking your inbox

38 CalendarCalendar Choosing which calendars are synchronized on your phoneYou can choose which calendars to keep synchronized on your phone

Page 33 - Sending an email message

39 Getting connectedGetting connected Getting connectedData connectionYour phone will be automatically set up to use your mobile operator’s

Page 34 - Deleting an email account

4 Contents MessagingAbout Messaging 28Sending a text message 28Sending a picture message 29Viewing and replying to a message 29Managing

Page 35 - Calendar

40 Getting connectedGetting connected Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.If you selected an open network, your phone will automati

Page 36 - Changing calendar views

41 Getting connectedGetting connected From the browser screen, while holding the phone in portrait orientation, tap ... , tap settings, and

Page 37 - Showing or hiding calendars

42 Getting connectedGetting connected Finding text within a web pageWhile viewing a web page, tap ... , and then tap find on page.Enter the

Page 38 - Stop synchronizing a calendar

43 Getting connectedGetting connected BluetoothTurning Bluetooth onTurning Bluetooth on also makes the phone discoverable. On the Start scre

Page 39 - Getting connected

44 Getting connectedGetting connected Reconnecting a headset or car kitNormally, you can easily reconnect your headset by switching on Bluet

Page 40 - Going to a web page

45 CameraCamera CameraCamera basicsWhether traveling for business or fun, enjoy taking photos and videos of your trip and encounters with yo

Page 41 - Opening a new browser tab

46 CameraCamera Taking a photoOn the Start screen, tap .Tap Camera.Before taking the photo, you can zoom in first on your subject. See “Zo

Page 42 - Setting browser options

47 CameraCamera After capturingAfter capturing a photo or video, slide your finger from left to right to see the photo or video you’ve just

Page 43 - Bluetooth

48 PicturesPictures PicturesAbout the Pictures hubUsing the Pictures hub, you can view photos and watch videos that you’ve taken with your p

Page 44

49 PicturesPictures Viewing photos and videosChoose how you want to browse through your photos and videos (all, date, favorites).Select an a

Page 45 - Camera basics

5 Contents Maps and locationTurning on location services 54Bing Maps 54HTC HubAbout the HTC Hub 58More appsMicrosoft Office Mobile 2010

Page 46 - Capturing a video

50 PicturesPictures Sending a picture messageOn the Start screen, tap the Pictures tile.Tap all.Tap the album that has the photo you want to

Page 47 - Camera settings

51 ZuneZune ZuneSynchronizing your computer and phoneYou’ll need the Zune® software to get your music, videos, and podcasts from your comput

Page 48 - Pictures

52 ZuneZune Music + Videos hubThe Music + Videos hub is your gateway to your media collection. Listen to your music, watch your videos, chec

Page 49 - Sending your photos

53 ZuneZune Watching videosGet your videos into your phone by following the procedure in “Selecting items to sync with your phone” earlier i

Page 50 - Sharing photos on Facebook

54 Maps and locationMaps and location Maps and locationTurning on location servicesIn order to find your location on your phone, you need to

Page 51 - 51 ZuneZune

55 Maps and locationMaps and location Getting an address and additional information for a locationPress and hold a location on the map. A ba

Page 52 - Listening to music

56 Maps and locationMaps and location Viewing search resultsThe search results will be displayed as markers on the map. After tapping the ba

Page 53 - Listening to the radio

57 Maps and locationMaps and location Checking traffic conditionsTraffic information is available only in selected areas. You can choose to

Page 54 - Maps and location

58 HTC HubHTC Hub HTC HubAbout the HTC HubGet more out of your phone with apps from us. Check out the HTC Hub and see what we have in store

Page 55 - Switching to aerial view

59 HTC HubHTC Hub WeatherShould I bring an umbrella today? Check what the weather’s like before you head out. Checking the weatherOn the Sta

Page 56 - Getting directions

6 BasicsBasics BasicsInside the boxYou’ll find the following inside the box:PhoneBatteryUSB cable3.5mm stereo headsetPower adapterStart here

Page 57 - Checking traffic conditions

60 HTC HubHTC Hub ListForgot to buy the toothpaste again? Make sure you don’t forget next time by using List to jot down the things you need

Page 58 - About the HTC Hub

61 HTC HubHTC Hub Photo EnhancerPhotos need a bit of touch-up? Use one of the available photo enhancements to touch up your photos. The orig

Page 59 - Flashlight

62 HTC HubHTC Hub Deleting a stock quote or indexOn the Stocks screen, tap ... > edit.Tap the red circle beside the item you want to dele

Page 60 - Deleting multiple notes

63 More appsMore apps More appsMicrosoft Office Mobile 2010The Microsoft® Office hub consists of the following apps:Microsoft OneNote Mobile

Page 61 - Sound Enhancer

64 More appsMore apps Using Microsoft Office MobileOn the Start screen, tap .Tap Office.Select the Office app you want to use. Scroll left

Page 62 - Changing the stock list order

65 More appsMore apps When you see the “Windows Live ID required” message, tap sign in.Follow the onscreen instructions to sign in using you

Page 63 - More apps

66 SecuritySecurity SecurityProtecting your phone with a passwordYou can secure your phone by requiring a password every time your phone is

Page 64 - Windows Marketplace

67 SettingsSettings SettingsSettings on your phoneControl and customize phone settings on the Settings screen.On the Start screen, tap .Ta

Page 65 - Games Hub

68 SettingsSettings Applications settingsCheck or change the settings for some apps on your phone. Tap the app name on the list to see what

Page 66 - Security

69 SettingsSettings Checking information about your phoneOn the Start screen, tap .Tap Settings > about. Changing the phone languageWhe

Page 67 - Settings

7 BasicsBasics Top panel211 3.5mm audio jack2 POWERLeft panel211 VOLUME UP/DOWN2 USBBack panel42311 LED flash2 Back cover3 5 megapixe

Page 68 - Changing sound settings

70 Update and resetUpdate and reset Update and resetUpdating the phone softwareFrom time to time, updates for your phone may be available. Y

Page 69 - Changing the phone language

71 Update and resetUpdate and reset Performing a factory reset (hard reset)If you’re passing your phone on to someone else or your phone has

Page 70 - Update and reset

72 Trademarks and copyrightTrademarks and copyright Trademarks and copyright©2011 HTC Corporation. All Rights Reserved.HTC, the HTC logo, th

Page 71

73 Index IndexAAdding a new contact 22Airplane mode 20Answering an incoming call 17BBack cover 8Battery 9Bing Maps 54Bluetooth

Page 72 - Trademarks and copyright

74 Index NNotification sound 68OOffice Mobile 63PPeople 21Phone- front, top, left, and back panels 6- making an emergency call 17-

Page 73 - 73 Index

8 BasicsBasics Back coverRemoving the back coverRemove the back cover to access the battery compartment.With the phone turned off, hold your

Page 74 - 74 Index

9 BasicsBasics BatteryYour phone uses a rechargeable battery. Please use only original batteries and accessories that came with your phone o

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